Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island

Every kitchen has great potential for storage, good layout, functionality, and style, but not all kitchens maximize these things. Installing a kitchen island provides an opportunity to bring all of these potentials together practically and stylishly. If you’re lucky enough to live in a home with a kitchen island, then probably you are already enjoying its benefits. But if not, we will present you with many of the advantages of having one.

1. An island provides extra storage for the kitchen

If your kitchen lacks storage areas, a kitchen island may help with that. A kitchen island provides spaces for additional drawers, shelves, cabinets and countertop space, just like the usual kitchen cabinets. It can be an attractive spot to store any dishes, cutlery, silverware or pantry items, making them more accessible and within easy reach. If you ever thought of getting a recycling bin, a kitchen island is the best place to have one.

2. An island brings more room to cook, prepare, and serve meals

2. An island brings more room to cook, prepare, and serve meals

For families who love to cook together, having an island is an invaluable asset for cooking. It provides additional space to peel, chop, dice and prepares your food without feeling cramped out of space. If you also add another stove in the island, it would be more fun to cook. It helps the family work together in the kitchen at the same time. And when there’s a party, the island can serve as a buffet table where your guests can get their own food and drinks.

3. An island provides additional amenities

3. An island provides additional amenities

An additional benefit for kitchen islands is that it can provide space for additional kitchen amenities you’ve always wanted but did not have enough room for, like a bigger sink, a wine cooler, or a beverage fridge. Even having additional electrical outlets on an island is a great way to use small appliances like the blender, electric mixer and toaster, to keep them from cluttering other kitchen work areas. If you have kids, it’s a great place to store the microwave and any after school snacks so they can easily help themselves and feel independent in preparing their own food.

4. An island allows space for extra seating

A kitchen island can serve as an informal dining area, especially when you’re having a meal alone, making the preparation and cleanup of food more accessible because it’s nearer to the main kitchen. It can also serve as an additional seating place when you have guests over. If your kitchen or dining area is small, you can extend with an island and accommodate more people.

5. An island is a great place for entertaining and bonding

Kitchens are a natural place for gathering, and a kitchen island would help make it easier. It’s a place to come together to cook and eat, a place for kids to do homework with your supervision, or space simply to hang out. When you’re having a party, an island is a space where you can serve your guests some drinks and talk and entertain.

6. An island improves your interior design

A good kitchen island serves as a show stopper for the kitchen. There are endless choices for style and purposes for your kitchen island, but getting one that can suit the rest of your kitchen’s interior design will surely upgrade its look. There are also a lot of countertop options for your kitchen island – granite, marble, quartz, and quartzite are your fashionable choices. The materials you choose should depend on your existing interior design style (or the style you want to adapt, in case you’re renovating or getting a new kitchen). For instance, if you have a traditionally decorated kitchen, a granite with an earthy color looks best. If you have a modern kitchen, a quartz countertop would be fitting. If you have a Tuscan interior design, an elegant white marble countertop would be perfect.

7. An island increases your home’s value

A kitchen with an island is more preferable than those without it. Buyers are looking for kitchens with islands, so homeowners should consider adding an island as part of renovation if they plan to resell the house in the future. According to Remodeling Magazine, adding an island could bring 60% return on investment when the house is sold.