Bedroom Design

Bedroom with working area

We show an example on how to decorate a bedroom with a small working area, decorated in gray and stone color. This time the challenge of decorating this room is to achieve a warm and cozy bedroom , but inside it has a small area of study or work. The colors chosen for the decoration are gray and color stone. Furthermore, to give more light we will paint the baseboards and door white. To complete the decoration, a desk with two stairs and a wooden board, and various decorative accessories that give a personal and elegant touch to the bedroom.


Step by step to decorate a bedroom with a work area

Step 1
We have a fairly large room that will have the function room. But in addition, also will create a small work area.

Step 2
start painting the walls of the room. The front wall paint it dark gray and the rest in color stone sober, neutral and elegant. Having two windows, no problem to use a dark color like gray.

Step 3
When painting the junctions of the two colors on the wall, it is better to paint first with the light color. Then, place masking tape and paint with dark color. Thus, if there are areas that we spent with clear color, we will cover the dark.

Step 4
The next step is to paint the baseboards and the bedroom door. To do this, first it is sanded parts thoroughly and then paint with quality enamel white. Apply two coats and paint it horizontally and vertically.

Step 5
To dress the windows, we will choose to place a directional vertical blinds with slats. In this way, we will give a different and modern touch to the decor. Installation is very simple.

Step 6
As we want to have a work area, we will place a sliding plugs into the wall. So, we will have more than one power point for the different elements.

Step 7
To make the desk, we will place two simple but colorful stairs for legs. On these, we place a beautiful wooden board as a worktop.

Step 8
finish decorating the bedroom with new bedding, a beautiful mirror, a table, a bedside tables, lamps, etc. So, we will complete entirely new decor.