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How to decorate a bedroom set dark pine Cannonball

The Cannonball pine furniture give away a rich dark brown color to the room and can be combined with a variety of walls, lights and small items of furniture in cool or warm tones to create a space to match your decorative sensibilities. Since cannonball bedroom furniture have an antique touch, add especially elegant pieces with sentimental value to the room will create a sophisticated look and colorful in most private areas of your home.

 bedroom set dark


Buy lamps with screens that complement the color scheme of the room. For example, displays honey-brown or keep the look monochromatic and screens wheat tan or neutral style become obvious. The dark pine also looks good in shades of stone like ruby, green or turquoise, so the whole lamps and screens in these attractive colors add a touch of color to the room.

Choose art that will give your room an old Victorian theme to match or game room dark pine cannonball. For example, an enlarged picture of roses in white, yellow or pink adds a beauty to the room or you can purchase Victorian framed prints with a woman in a dress made ​​from an umbrella or a portrait of a woman in Victorian clothes at tea .

Place a circular rug in the center area of ​​the room to attract more attention to the ball-shaped pieces of cannon on the top of each post or attached to the bottom corners of the dresser or nightstand. Choose a color that coordinates with the theme of decoration and brass to a room where the main color is brown or red garnet for a jewel tone space.

Hang curtains of lace or satin in the room to blend with nature game old bedroom . To decrease the amount of light that enters the room adds satin curtains in the color of your choice to the windows and thick curtains covering these with other lace.

Includes an ottoman circulate as another addition to the accents of furniture in a shade that matches the rest of the decor. The ottoman can also serve as extra storage for small items.

Complete arrangements adding decoration flowers fresh roses or daisies in the center of the dresser or nightstand in gold or silver vases. The flowers fresh also add a pleasant fragrance to the room, while the flowers will remain intact synthetic for months without change.