Bedroom Decor Ideas To Transform Your Master Bedroom

If you’re getting tired of your old bedroom furniture, find yourself restlessly tossing and turning each night as you try to get to sleep, and struggle to feel at peace in your own home, it’s time to start brainstorming new bedroom decor ideas. It can be tricky knowing where to get started when this is the case, especially since the internet seems full of endless suggestions on how to get your bedroom decor exactly right. 

If you have a nine to five working schedule, the bedroom is likely to be where you spend the most amount of time in your home, so it’s a space well worth investing your time and effort into. From picking the best mattress you can find for your sleep to nailing down the basics when it comes to bedroom decor ideas like minimalism, setting up a space that feels cozy and true to you is a lot less complicated than you might think. 

Even a few small changes can have a big impact on the quality of your rest, how cozy a space feels, and reinventing a drab space. If you’re not quite ready to be overwhelmed by what you see on a Pinterest board, here are our top tips for narrowing down high-quality bedroom furniture that looks and feels right to you.

Understanding that the best bedrooms begin with good sleep

Good sleep hygiene has already been proven to improve our focus, wellbeing, and add a general sense of balance into our lives. It stands to reason, then, that by beginning your bedroom decorating project with your bed, you stand to make an investment that you’ll see firsthand return on. 

Finding the best mattress to rest on has never been easier when you have all the research you could want already up online for you. If you have a mattress that’s over eight years old, you’re going to want to change up this core piece of bedroom furniture in your room first. Memory foam mattresses have gained a lot of popularity in recent years for their versatility, and their valuable balance between comfort and support. 

The molding capabilities of memory foam mean they’re the best mattresses for a variety of sleepers, and most especially come in handy when you’re sharing a bed with a partner. The best mattresses will also have cooling capabilities that keep your body temperature regulated through the night, and ensure you’re staying comfortable and uninterrupted through your rest. 

Memory foam tend to make the best mattresses also because of their known ability to stand the test of time. The best mattress companies will have trial periods that let you ensure you’re finding yours as comfortable as you can, and protect you with warranty periods that keep you guilt-free about your splurge. 

Pick bedroom furniture for function and form

When you’re coming up with bedroom decor ideas for your master bedroom, one of the most valuable ways you can reimagine your space is by reducing clutter. Minimalism is a popular topic of discussion in the interior design world, but you don’t really have to pare down all the way to the basics: finding the right bedroom furniture is really about finding pieces that work both aesthetically and functionally in your space.

Simply put, this means your bedroom furniture can’t just look good: it has to be there for a reason. Bedroom decor ideas that focus on the appearance of furniture such as nightstands often stand to miss the point about why this furniture is worth investing in the first place. A nightstand on its’ own isn’t enough: it’s important to look into factors such as colour, cost, material, and size when you’re considering how one will work within your wider space. 

A good nightstand will be an unobtrusive opportunity for you to organise clutter within the bedroom, while still adding to the overall comfort and coziness you want to evoke within your room. Whether this means getting a nightstand that has a more contemporary feel aesthetically, or one that has enough shelves to file away all that pre-sleep reading you keep meaning to get into, keep your eyes peeled for something you can position a convenient distance from your bed.

Other bedroom decor ideas that can transform your room

Even after you’ve invested in the top rated mattress you can find for your sleep position, managed to get a nightstand that works for you and your bedroom, and have even snagged a piece of art you’ve been after a while to get, there’s still more ways you can really set your space apart.

Lighting is a really important factor in how cozy or comfortable your bedroom can feel, and contributes significantly to the quality of rest you can expect to experience through the night. 

Bedroom decor ideas around lighting can seem overly complicated, but something as simple as blinds, or heavyset curtains that allow you to control how much light you let in your bedroom, can go a long way in keeping you feeling calm and well-rested. 

Lighting is especially important if you’re a shift worker looking to get additional rest. Even the best mattress won’t help if there’s too much light keeping your brain alert and ready for a day, even when it’s time to go to sleep.

Making sure you end up with bedroom furniture you can feel good about

Starting off trying to guess which bedroom decor ideas are going to work best for you can be a real challenge, but as you begin to start investing in the big core pieces of your space – the best mattress for your sleep, a nightstand with ample space, you’ll soon find that the whole ordeal becomes a lot less stressful. 

Your home should be a personal space to retreat, and your bedroom and bedroom furniture deserve to reflect this ethos. By revamping a few key pieces of your space, you’ll be surprised by just how much bigger and fresher your space feels.