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Ideas for painting the bedroom dark chocolate themed

The bedroom color palettes incorporating chocolate brown are delightfully delicious. The rich dark chocolate brown precipitate a sense of warmth, comfort and safety. Linking brown with shades of blue, white, green or yellow creates stunning bedroom styles to suit any decor. Color preferences in furniture, bedding, accessories, curtains and lighting will determine the color of paint on the walls to complement the theme of chocolate brown.

painting the bedroom


Brown and white
A palette of brown and white is simple and timeless. paints a wall in the room of a milk chocolate brown and the rest with a soft creamy white. A white fabric headboard against the wall of brown accents provide a nice contrast. Create layers with bedding, bed skirt with a brown, a luxurious white duvet, pillows varied brown and black and brown bedspread. Cover windows with curtains chocolate brown cascade. Black furniture pieces are ideal for this color theme.

Blue and brown
A blue sky off combined with chocolate brown color palette creates a soft. Pinta bedroom walls a sky blue off, providing a soothing background for furniture and accessories. A brown leather headboard is a strong contrast against the soothing blue walls. Outfit your bed with a duvet pearly beige and black patterned cushions covered with white and beige. The show blue walls with brown bedroom furniture and picture frames rich brown. Cover windows with curtains light brown, providing balance to the blue walls.
Green and brown
A palette of colors including sage green and chocolate brown brings nature to your bedroom. Paint an accent wall in green sage and the remaining walls a soft beige. Cover your bed in a white plush duvet on a chocolate brown wooden headboard against the wall green accent. White duvet covers with a variety of pillows accommodates patterns incorporating flowers, foliage or trees. Place a chocolate brown bedspread at the foot of the bed. Put window shades woven grass and wood furniture pieces in chocolate brown earthy increase this bedroom environment.

Yellow and brown
Put together the golden yellow color with chocolate brown develops a color scheme that resembles a village in Tuscany. Pinta faux paint all the walls of the room and the roof of an intense golden yellow, to look like Venetian plaster. Add brown wooden beams on the ceiling and shutters on the windows, increasing the feeling of Tuscany. A large dark chocolate brown headboard and footboard provide contrasting depth and elegant character. Place a creamy ivory comforter on the bed and pillow top with brown, yellow and orange. Place a pot with a large fern or ficus in the corner. Chocolate brown furniture aged are ideal for this design.