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How to build a bed with drawers

A bed with drawers below will provide a base frame under your bed as well as a comfortable or simply an additional space for storage. Doing it yourself will cost you a lot less money than buying a new and allow you to use your creativity to choose the color, type of wood and the design of the drawers.

build a bed with drawers


How to build a bed with drawers

Remember to have on hand or mattress measures are going to be placed on future bed. The base board should be about an inch and a half bigger than the mattress to make it easier to reach the drawers.

First of all, get the drawers to the dresser. You can take them to other furniture or make them yourself using four wooden slats for each drawer and a large plate for the background. The two side panels will be slightly longer than the front and back of the drawer. You can screw or glue each of these pieces together, but if you use screws will ensure stability. For a bed of 1.50 m 2 m, uses six drawers, three on each side. You can get drawer fronts with original handles or smart shops in many household items, such as Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Start building the base of the bed drawers come. This base will be the wooden frame that will support the mattress. Use lifting lugs bed if you want to leave more room under the bed for larger drawers. Take the measure of this space and then move the bed to the side to support the frame.

Use thick and tough four pieces of wood for the frame. Make sure these parts are higher than the drawers for these to slide in and out easily. Adjust screw these four pieces. Then another table using thicker and stronger wood to cross the central part of the frame.

Preparing wooden battens smaller, about half the size of the frame parts, to traverse the inside of the frame. This is the part that will support the drawers. A long piece fixed under the central part of the frame, so as to form a cross with the centerpiece resistant. From there, fixed a small piece in the opposite direction toward the bottom, and a sturdy piece in the same direction at the top. It will look like a board game “Tic Tac Toe”. Use a screwdriver or wood glue to attach the pieces together.

Fixed screw drawer rails to wooden battens. Screw also guides and puzzle boxes. If you want you can place a large plate and solid wood on the four resistant parts of the base to support the mattress, or you nailing wooden boards on top.

Back to support the mattress on the wooden base. Make sure it is sturdy and works well.