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Be Your Own Mirror Designs

Mirror designs is a great advantage when decorating a home. Mirrors are first of all functional and located advantageously they can visually enlarge a space. Decorative mirrors do two times duty as nice pieces of art. Beautiful mirrors often come with a hefty price tag, but your own self-made piece of art will be just priceless.

Plastic Spoons – Flower Mirror Designs

mirror designs

Make some changes in your home by turning your boring wall-mirror into a fabulous flower in your favorite colors and shades. Have you even thought that you can use plastic spoons to make your mirror look cool? Give it a try.

Framed Pieces of Mirror Designs

mirror designs

Make one big mirror, in fact even an entire wall full of framed mirrors. You can paint them in your favorite color or make them all different. It depends on you taste, the rest of the furniture in the room or simply-your mood. Also, the frame shape can variate, they can be all the same size and form or every single one different from the rest.

Cake Pan Hanging Mirror

mirror designs

If you love hanging mirrors all over your house, this one is the easiest and the fastest one to do it on your own. You just need a cake pan, some knobs and a beautiful ribbon. It really looks antique and authentic. Both vintage and modern.

Mosaic Mirror

You are a fan of priceless works of art? Why spending lots of money on something you can make on your own? It’s still going to be priceless (double senses: 1. you won’t empty your wallet and 2. it will be a real piece of art without a price-tag) and you’re going to be the proud artist who created it.

Branch Mirror

Use some branches from your garden to make a beautiful mirror-frame for your old plain and boring mirror. It’s like making a puzzle and the final picture that you will get is your own smile of satisfaction in your old-new mirror.

Flower Framed Mirror

mirror designs

Always use flowers (fake or fresh) in unique decoration ways for your home. Your house can never get enough of flowers. Even your mirrors can be flowery, so whenever you stop to check yourself in the mirror, it will give you the feeling of being young, beautiful, fresh and ready for a party (even a small, intimate one). Flowers always remind us of celebration and special moments.

Ring Mirror

mirror designs

This DIY mirror is a real piece of art. Follow the tutorial’s steps tol learn how to make yourself a new priceless masterpiece that will refresh your home. You don’t need a lot to make it, and I can tell that you will enjoy your creative moment by knowing that a new fancy beauty will soon shine on your wall.

Mirror Constellation

mirror designs

It’s the sun, it’s the solar system, it’s a whole new constellation… In fact, it’s your new self-made mirror. So fancy, so fashionable, it suits your bedroom perfectly. Or your living-room, even the kitchen…

Wood Slices Mirror

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Another lovely mirror created again with wood pieces, but a completely different look. Wood rounds of varied diameters. Stunning! It brings a touch of nature into any room and it instantly makes the room  more warm. It goes well with almost any kind of furniture and wall-paint.

Vintage Tennis Racket Mirror

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Are you a sports fan? What’s your favorite sport? Tennis maybe? Even if it’s not, you have to admit that these racket-mirrors look so vintage and cool.