Bathroom Designs

Bathroom with multicolored traditional decoration

Creations levels decorative art made magic with objects, outside and inside. This is a bathroom space become fantastic with colorful mosaics displaying a visual narrative mythical walls, ceiling and even on the floor. This is a large room, which further expands the color images on the walls and ceiling. The scene created amazes and fascinates, while paying tribute to a legendary musical group The Beatles. It is the result of a display of imagination and artistic sense beyond the ordinary and expected. imagery sectors this quarter are shocking grooming is a psychedelic scene . Are combined in this work of Gaudi architectural resources with mosaic, with scenes from the film production of the Beatles “Yellow Submarine.” Review other bathrooms designs , with crafts and original decoration, follow this link.

traditional decoration

A bathroom decorated with fantasies of “Yellow Submarine”
It’s a very emotional fantasy come true and represents a luxury for the perception of any sensitive spirit. As if the illustrations in a book of stories were carried to three dimensions and an actual size, on a stand that you can touch and use.


Great vanity
Really not enough words to describe and communicate this original and fantastic theming a bathroom staff, which exceeds the scenes of dreams.

It is the recreation of a scene from the movie “Yellow Submarine” produced for the famous British band The Beatles. Ensures immersion experience a prepared environment to impress the senses , especially the sense of sight. It’s a very inspiring that can motivate architects and decorators to encourage a theme in some of its projects.

Furniture decorated in a corner support
There are several aspects that can be considered when reviewing this curious original decoration of a bathroom. One such aspect is the theme chosen, another aspect is given by the colors and tones used, variety and density, also highlight in this work elaborate and exquisite work with the mosaic technique , and the work is the result of a task highly original artisan .

Detail of one of the small mosaic tiles
The meticulous preparation, fine details and esthetics, beauty, make this special “accent piece” a true work of art installation. To view photos in contrast to black background, click on one of the photos and check the images in the gallery that appears.