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How high lights should be mounted above the bathroom mirror

Circulating many opinions on the recommended height to place a light fixture above the mirror in a bathroom. The following article will enlighten you on some things you should consider when mounting the lamp. No strict rules or fast they relate to the specific rules and height restrictions. With a little planning and common sense, anyone can bring light to a bathroom.

 bathroom mirror


Purchase lighting fixtures that add interest to your bathroom.

If the power supply of the lamp above is too low for you will install, move the power supply to a level that serves the new light fixtures and cover the holes left by previous devices.

In the case of lighting, building codes relate primarily to heat sources (such as bulbs) that should be far enough away from anything that can cause a fire . Place the lamps so that there is no danger of fire .

Disconnect the power to the circuit to which the bathroom is connected.

Some lamps have special brackets that you must install on the box power , before connecting the device. Installing this support, if necessary.

Peel the ground wire (green) from 5/8 inch (31.71 mm). Connect the ground wire from the house to the appliance ground wire using a wire nut. If the appliance has a grounding nut instead of a cable, connect the ground wire to the nut house to ground the unit by bending the bare wire end with a needle nose pliers. Wrap the wire around the nut and tighten the nut.

Peel the end of the power cable (black) 5/8 inch (31.71 mm). Connect these wires with a wire nut.

Peel the end of the neutral wire (white) of 5/8 inch (31.71 mm). Connect these wires with a wire nut.

Place all cables in the box power . Use the screws that came with the device, connect the device to the housing supply .

Turn on the power supply again and see if the lights work. If not, disconnect the power supply again and fix connection problems.