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Bathroom glass wall open

Two ideas for bathroom walls using glass plates.

Idea 1:
Only green wood outdoor plants or alternate as accents in the bathroom unique in the following picture, where the first idea materialized. This bathroom has a large opening, transparent glass wall as frameless window, making almost virtual boundary between inside and outside. Facilities at this bathroom are partly indoors and partly abroad , of all modes with a cover that lets in natural light. The glass door and glass partitions define functional spaces, such as showers and toilet. For more information on bathrooms follow the link, there is a list of relevant postings. You can also review the content posted on openings to the house .

Bathroom glass

Bathroom glazed opening onto a courtyard with vertical garden. In the image above, the glass serves to divide and spans an entire wall of the room minimalist style defined. To view images of the white residence Dutch where the bathroom is, follow this link.

Are the Japanese who have come to prove that with white and minimalism, you can make a perfectly vital living space where it is given by the light, humans and some plants or gardens, this is like saying: with the basics. For Europeans the aesthetic advantage of cool material with natural light, adding warm accents of color and texture.

Idea 2: Below is another concept on the use of glass in the bathroom . The second idea. Flat glass panels are transparent on the walls instead of usual tiles or liners. It’s another version of glass wall in the bathroom.

Glass bathroom walls
This is an ideal idea to implement by sector. In the next picture is applied to the glass walls of the shower cabin.

Glass on shower walls
The glass panels covering walls can also be colored, you can see an example in the picture below.

Bathroom with blue colored glass panels
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