Bathroom Designs

Bath towels Victorian

The Victorian style of decoration is characterized by a combination of intense shades of jewel colors and light neutral shades. The lace and flowers are also a part of Victorian decor, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. You can give your bathroom an elegant beauty with a nineteenth century quality towels for hands and face to provide a rich texture and color to the space.

Bath towels Victorian

A heavy fabric and high quality is the material of choice for bath towels Victorian. THE damask is also a Victorian common fabric was originally made from silk, although mixtures of silk and wool are present in some damask towels. “Damascus” also refers to a style of woven fabric which offers a great design that stands on a soft luxury fabric. According to the website Victorian damask heavy towels should be used as bath towels while slightly lighter fabrics are suitable for hand towels and very thin fabric is ideal for towels used to clean the face.

The shades like burgundy, navy blue and green emerald are suitable for bath towels Victorian and added significantly more sophisticated color for a bathroom otherwise decorated in muted colors like white, ivory or light brown. Soft tones of pink and green are an attractive option for a bathroom decorated in Victorian style, pink tones and olive green are soft and attractive. The pastel colors like pistachio green and lilac are suitable for swimming and also more pronounced tones mixed with brown, cinnamon or cocoa as clear on the walls.

The elegant accents like satin strip along the edge of the towel, give them a Victorian look. The embroidered images of flowers such as roses or daffodils are beautiful embellishments on hand towels, you can take a print fabrics floral images to be added in the same color as the towel or a metallic hue like silver or gold, which are also common in the decoration of the Victorian era. Cut the cord towels in a neutral color adds demure appeal to Victorian swimwear.

Show Ideas
According to the Victorian decorating scheme, show bars towels in silver or platinum cool tones such as light green or purple are particularly attractive means against silver tones. Towel bars of the time may also offer ornamental carvings on the end of the images of flowers or vines. You can also display the jewel-toned towels in the bathroom counter. Both light and dark tones of the wood were common in Victorian times, so towels ruby red or eggplant color blend well with the wood of chocolate or make a counter of wood painted white stand .