Basics Things You Need to Know Before Signing Up for an Eyelash Course

Human Beauty has always taken many forms and shapes to give joy to our lives. How a person finds one attractive is an unknowable science to this day, but going by the modern beauty standards, one can find that it leans towards the preconceived notions of natural purity.

Although it has been proven as a myth several times, people still find cleanliness and precise control over one’s body to be necessary for their social lives. For this, beauticians and trained artists make one’s life better in the 21st century.

An Eyelash course is a small part of this widespread industry covered in this article here. Though reasonably popular, it is always in demand by the public. Intending to guide the readers through its types and nature, it presents the information needed for readers considering taking this course for their career choice. But before learning more about eyelash extension and other aspects of beautification, make sure you have the best lash lift and tint kit in your possession.

What is An Eyelash Extension Course?

As the name suggests, these courses deal with the eyelashes for their beautification. These courses offer knowledge on the specifics of eyelash extensions and the anatomy and physiology of eyelashes and eyes. These courses are often taught by experts and trainers who have years of experience in the beauty styling industry. Courses like these, even concerning other things related to beauty, are the baseline for those who want to step into the industry.

Some experienced beauticians are well-educated with multiple courses and styles to truly become institutions within the industry. A course of this type usually lasts up to 6 to 8 weeks on average and can even be performed online with the growing adaptation of the method. Some institutions offer the material at home for these courses. The term “eyelash course” may be a bit blanketing, as there are different types of eyelash extension courses available under it. If you want to try natural eyelash extensions, contact lashify.

Types of Eyelash Courses


As is the frequent case, the classic course is open to both amateurs and experienced alike. Teaching things like applying single lashes to each natural lash or attaching flare lashes to the natural ones, this course will make sure that one learns all the basic tasks involved with eyelash styling. This course is the starting of one’s certification for this profession. And even if one has immense field experience, tips about safety and health are always beneficial from the experts. This course is often teamed up with an Individual Extension Course that similarly teaches singular lashing work and covers the tips related to beauty products and adhesives.


Hybrid eyelash extension courses allow beauticians to take their skill-set to the next level. Hybrid extensions are typically more advanced than normal ones. These are known as classic second-half lashes. From their half premade and voluminous nature, their beauty is preferred for special occasions. Applying for this course requires the previous certification as this isn’t the first level anymore. It may also include cover lash mapping, a revision on classic eyelash extensions, or being innovative for the hybrid look.


If someone has completed both of the courses mentioned above, this course might be their last resort. It is considered the most advanced course in this field and also the most expensive to perform. As is its name, this course features a detailed study of Russian eyelash extensions. Followed by its benefits, this course also teaches about contra-indications and contra-actions for the beauticians to pick up and adapt to various lashes with different volumes. Once again, for this advanced course, one needs the previous certification of the lower-level courses. Field experience may also be valued depending on the institutions, but it is always secondary.

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