Basement apartments for rent

Living in a basement apartment in a legal no longer means what it meant in the 1850s, or even in 1900. Many apartment buildings, shops and houses have space available in the basement often becomes a livable and rentable area. Renting a basement apartment is a great alternative to paying high rent for an ordinary unit or home, and can also mean living without roommates for those who prefer to live alone.

These apartments in basements were intended for the poor and unfortunate. They used to be illegal units, the extremely small building manager used to generate additional income. Those who rented could plan poorly isolated, dimly lit, windowless or generally appropriate and prone to pest problems ventilation units. The noise level in these apartments was also higher due to the noise of the outside world, generators, water heaters and boilers located all throughout the apartment and of course, the tenants above. Fortunately , things have changed.

basement apartments

Today, the apartments in basements are in far better condition. While starving artists, students and people who just want a cheap rent they prefer basement units are now properly equipped to be inhabited. Are typically protected against fire around (walls, ceiling, etc..), Have proper ventilation as well as heating and air conditioning and have windows and a separate entry for each unit. Have regulations for minimum width and height. Have separate bathrooms, kitchens, areas for dining room and separated from other units, although they may be more organized in the form of studio apartment inside.

The apartments in basements are smaller than the average units. If you have a lot of things, this may not be the best choice. The may not have direct access to your unit and have to use a stairwell, shared entrance or enter through the front door of the family if you live in the basement of a house. Most of the units in building basements have few windows and some open onto the sidewalk, which means less privacy, more outside noise, lighting and restricted potential thieves access directly.

Which obviously stands departments in basements is low income. If you are asked to pay your own services, due to being underground (and as long as your unit complies with the legal regulations), your heating and cooling bills will be lower than average. The laundry rooms are usually located in the basement, which is an added bonus. If you have your own separate entrance, is certainly easier to get in and out and have visitors.

Whether you’re a student looking for a room with peers or even a small family, the apartments in the basement can accommodate two to four people comfortably. The units vary in size from a few hundred square feet to cover the whole entire space upstairs. This is especially common in the basement of a house, or maybe located under a tent. If you live in the basement of a family, you may even be able to use the upper floors, the driveway or garage, or garden. However, do not expect a patio or balcony with a basement unit!

For security reasons, check that your basement apartment meets local building codes and fire.