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Bamboo furniture design

These furniture, made ​​in part with bamboo, are another commitment to sustainability. But with tasteful design and is found in the photos.  Offered in the U.S., Europe and Asia, but there are distributors in various cities in the world. Inspect photos and models of furniture posted in this blog, follow the link, there is an ordered list of relevant content for easy reference.

Bamboo furniture design

Cabinet with Bamboo
This furniture combines fine finishes with reeds that are rustic and the designer has succeeded masterfully, with excellent sense of balance.

Indian style furniture

The Indian style furniture, also known as ethnic or Asian furniture, have grown in popularity in recent years, possibly due to their versatile nature. India designs can be ideal both as Contemporary Traditional homes and you can make use of them if you think they are appropriate and complement your furniture inside the room. crafts of India is known for its beauty, adorned details and rich tones present along the wood pieces. The artistic detail of Indian style furniture offers consumers a unique furniture. Throughout history, Indian designer furniture pieces seem to be adapters imported Western style rather than creators.

It seems that as Indian culture was mainly involved in eating on the floor, no furniture designs familiar to Western cultures. Adaptation of pieces of furniture with Indian craftsmanship and unique style in history has left us what we regard as Indian designer furniture today. Most modern Indian-style rooms are primarily associated with dark wood or dark tints, as mango teak or rosewood (Rosewood). These strong and durable woods are used to improve the design of the furniture and grain patterns with rich and varied that can be highlighted using natural waxes and oils to create a warm and rustic finish.

Some common features of this style are the ornaments detailed metal, metal poles and metal knobs or handles for drawers, etc. Others would not hesitate they are made ​​in the UK by skilled carpenters inspired by the traditional techniques to reproduce the authentic designs. Furniture Retailers have grown accustomed to questions Whence? and what is made ​​of solid wood? knowledgeable consumers, seeking the best deal on solid wood products that have been cheated with cheap imitations in the past.

There are large collections of Indian furniture available in many upscale stores that offer contemporary design with rustic and something for everyone. Although most of the furniture are inspired by Indian designs and colors are dark, some light mango wood used (Light handle) to make furniture with lighter shades for modern homes.