Decorating with Bamboo

Bamboo is probably the most decorative type of wood ever. It’s a great way to incorporate nature in the interiors of any home because it already looks good at its basic, natural state. And unlike other sources of wood such as trees, bamboo is very easy to grow and can regenerate itself at a fast pace, making it an environmentally friendly wood of choice. It’s also practical and durable, and can withstand changes in humidity and temperature. But even if it’s tough, it still looks comforting and relaxing. Here’s how you can use bamboo to add charm and style to your home:

1. Make a divider out of bamboo

You can use bamboo as a decorative element that brings an aura of Zen and harmony to your home, making it look fashionable and inviting. One great way to bring that element of Zen is to make a divider out of bamboo. It especially works if you live in a studio apartment, or if you have a nice, big room that you want to divide into two sections. When placed next to each other, bamboo sticks can provide complete privacy. You can stick the stems next to a white wall and border it with a dark wood for a sophisticated look. Or, you can frame the sticks between two glass walls and lay some decorative stones on the floor between the two glass frames. The result would be an elegant, walk-in-the-woods look.

2. Lay bamboo on the ceiling

If you want your living room to look ethnic, or feel like a peaceful hub with African or Asian touches, a perfect way to achieve it is to decorate your ceiling fully with bamboo. This way, you can make your room look like an African hut but with the comforts of home. Since the ceiling will be fully covered, you can only use pendant lights; choose those that would pair with the theme, like boho and rustic ones, or those made of rattan or beads. Use pendant Chinese lanterns if you’re going for the Asian look. Cover the floor with a sisal carpet and add rattan furniture. Now you have a peaceful-looking living room inspired by nature.

3. Line an accent wall with bamboo

5. Place bamboo shoots on vases

Instead of the usual wooden panels, why not use bamboo instead? It’s cheaper and it looks warm and elegant as well. Line the wall with rods of bamboo and ask help from a professional on how to install it properly and how to prevent pests from infecting the wood. If you want texture, you can use halved bamboo poles instead.

4. Use bamboo to roof your porch area

If your porch doesn’t have a roof yet, use bamboo for a beautiful and environment-friendly roofing. You can add rattan or cane furniture to suit the roof, and hang some pretty greenery on baskets. You may also add bright colored cushions to the seating areas and white chiffon curtains to add privacy and complete the look. It’s a fashionable way to enjoy your porch.

5. Place bamboo shoots on vases

One easy way to decorate with bamboo is to put four to five wide bamboo shoots in a ceramic vase and place them as if they were a plant. Use more if you prefer thin bamboo shoots. Add vases with bamboo shoots to corners or to both sides of your porch for an elegant decoration.

6. Make bamboo lanterns

6. Make bamboo lanterns

Add a unique and natural touch to your décor by adding bamboo lighting fixtures to your ceiling. Imagine chopped bamboo stems with LEDs placed inside it and hung on your dining area. It may emit a faint light, but it brings a mood that only the bamboo fixtures can create.