Backyard makeover 101 – 5 tips for revamping in the right way

Everyone loves a great outdoor space. Some people invest in their houses to have an open area to play with their kids/ grandkids or pets.

The green grass underneath your feet, sun shining down, and open space for you to do whatever you want is charming, isn’t it? Especially if you live down south in Louisiana, where the weather’s great and your backyard is always a sight to behold.

However, backyards don’t come ready-made and picturesque. You have to put a fair amount of time and effort into them if you want to reap the benefit from them.

Whether you’ve danced cheek to cheek in New Orleans, gone south towards Lafayette, or bought a place in West Monroe, Louisiana is the land of great weather and incredible people.

Buying property or maintaining what’s yours can be challenging. What’s harder is making sure your backyard looks incredible.

Why? The folk in Louisiana love spending time in their backyards, whether it’s a casual gathering with friends or a family BBQ.

If you’re new here and don’t know much about backyards, this article will bring you up to speed on revamping it the right way.

1. Remove any existing trees/stumps

Baton Rouge is blessed with lots of trees, isn’t it? Despite being nature’s gift of shade, you can’t have the wide-open space that you’ve dreamt about if there’s a giant tree or stump in the middle of your yard.

You need to get it removed pronto because it could become a nuisance if you want to expand and add swings for your kids.

What’s next? You call in the professionals to have it removed. Just type in demolition Baton Rouge LA on Google and hit Enter.

If you don’t handle this soon, remember, these trees could even topple over and take out your roof if there’s a storm.

The sooner you get rid of the tree, the better it’ll be for your backyard. Not only that, getting in the professionals to handle this is better to avoid a mess and ensure the tree was removed correctly.

2. Start with the grass

Some people opt to start from the borders and make their way in, but we’re here to tell you that’s not the right way to go about things.

You’d think having more grass is the ticket towards backyard greatness, but it isn’t. Why? The more grass you have, the more time you’ll spend maintaining it. You should cut back a bit and ensure there’s a balance.

So even if you take the grass till the end of the lawn, pulling it back a few feet won’t cost you a lot of money, not too much hassle.

If you have a professional working with you, talk about how you’d want the backyard to look. Starting from the outside and then coming in isn’t the right way to design your backyard; in fact, it’s the opposite. Either way, it’s your call at the end.

3. Add rocks

Large rocks are a great way to spice up the place when decorating your outdoor area. A few large boulders in the corner can create a wonderful charm and add an up-class feel to the backyard.

Just make sure you place them out in the corners to avoid the kids from planning adventures involving them.

We don’t need to tell you how bad the snake issue is in Baton Rouge right? So, make sure you don’t have anything living near or under those rocks. Other than that, you may also want to fumigate them regularly.

If you suspect, see or notice any signs of creepy crawlies taking refuge in those rocks, call pest control in and let them take care of things instead of doing it yourself.

4. Manicure the lawn

When you have the perfect backyard, it’s essential to keep it looking like a million bucks. You need to tend to it as often as possible, trim the hedges and mow the laws.

Moreover, adding new dirt to the flower beds every few months is also critical.

If gardening is your thing, consider it a diverse form of exercise; otherwise, you may want to hire a gardener who comes in once or twice a week.

If you have a tree nearby that sheds often, it would also be a good idea to remove them, not just because they rot and smell but also because they are great hiding places for snakes and other deadly pests.

5. Add value/ functionality

Throwing in a deck in the backyard might be a great idea, not just for usability but resale value as well. A well-built deck/ patio can add so much value to your property that you may turn a significant profit just because of the addition.

Other than that, since everyone in Louisiana enjoys spending time in their backyard, adding more functionality would work wonders.

Since grass starts getting damp in the evening, sitting around the area could be uncomfortable, so adding a patio or creating a deck can add extra charm and seating space, making the place more attractive and user-friendly.

However, consider adding a gazebo or extending a shade from the house if a deck isn’t your thing. You’ll want to create a functionally appropriate seating arrangement so you can entertain more people in one area.


Owning a house with a lovely yard is something that many people strive for yet never achieve. It’s just one of those little things that we dream about from a young age, yet few of us ever get to indulge in it.

With that said, this article offers several tips for you to revamp your backyard and make it your own. We’ve gone over several aspects of revamping a backyard that’ll be a place of great memories, from removing trees to adding value.

In the end, we hope it turns out the way you always wanted. Good luck!