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Baby shower party decoration

A baby shower party decoration or maternity festival is the celebration that is made before the baby is born. If you are going to organize, do not miss these ideas for your decor. The party baby shower or party Maternity originally held only for the first child of the family, and only women were invited. But over time, this tradition has been changing and often common men also see holidays as guests. The importance of this kind of party is having a good time with the mother and take the opportunity to give gifts. For a pleasant atmosphere is created, the decoration plays a very important role , and increasingly is taking a more prominent role in this holiday so special. Why then some decorating ideas we propose to achieve a perfect party to celebrate the birth.

baby shower party decoration

Tips for decorating a baby shower party


The colors in this these parties play a key role. If you know the baby is a boy, it usually tends to be decorated in blue and white. In the case of a child, the colors are usually pink and white. So everything is becoming more common to see more neutral colors. The most used are usually the pastel colors that convey warmth and make the stay more welcoming.

Dining table

Like any party, can not miss the food and drink. In these cases usually place a table with all the sweets and drinks . These usually have a sweet child theme and is often one of the most important areas. You can decorate with bottle-shaped glasses, children pennants, etc. The aim is to achieve a childish and cheerful style.

Children sweets

on the table with sweets and drinks there are certain essential items like cakes and pastries. In addition, it is increasingly common to see cupcakes with children’s details. At this point, the options are many sweets as they can be decorated according to the sex of the baby, the name that will have colors or general party decoration.

Decorate with candy

sweets or desserts like cupcakes can give much game time to decorate the food table. If they placed a small flags or other decorative elements can create very decorative and original compositions.