Baby Shower Decorating Ideas


Baby showers can be more fun and festive if you would spice up the home with beautiful decorations. Yes, the cakes, gifts, foods – and of course, the mother-to-be – always take the center stage, but you can inspire admiration and conversation with your decorations. It also adds a pleasant atmosphere that makes the celebration so special. If you are looking for great ideas about baby decors and other party needs, why not try these out and these decorations will surely bring the party to the next level. 

Here are some decorating ideas you can try for the next baby shower you’ll be hosting (or some ideas you can suggest if your friends would be hosting yours):

1. Hang a “Baby” banner

Make it obvious that you are celebrating a new baby and an incoming birth by hanging a banner. Put it on a wall above your table or in any available wall so it can serve as a backdrop for picture taking. You have a lot of options on how to do this, but here’s a cute and unique idea: use one-piece bodysuit cutouts then spell out the words “Baby Girl” or “Baby Boy,” using one bodysuit per letter. You can buy a banner with that design online, but it’s easy to make one on your own.

2. Decorate with flowers

Ah, flowers. These blooming and beautiful pieces of nature are timeless decorations. You can never go wrong with decorating with flowers, no matter what your event is. To make a statement about the gender of the baby, choose brightly colored flowers in shades of pink or blue. If it’s a girl, include arrangements of carnations, ranunculus, and Peruvian lilies. If it’s a boy, choose hydrangeas, bluebonnets or blue sweet peas. All these blooms are budget-friendly.

3. Hang floating ornaments

Store-bought hanging globe paper ornaments come in various colors and sizes. Buy a bunch of them and then string them together. Put some metallic beads in between to serve as accents. The ornament’s translucent layers and the beads’ metallic shine creates a visually interesting ensemble.

4. Make polka-dot garlands

Using paper cutouts and string, you can easily make adorable polka-dot garlands. Just cut out circles of your chosen size on card stock paper in the colors of your choice. Line the circles up in a pattern or randomly, lay the string on top and apply a bit of glue. This can work as the perfect backdrop behind the buffet table or streamers. This is also best paired with the globe paper ornaments stated above.

5. Set up a mimosa bar

Champagne, fruit juices and fruits – gather them and make your own mimosa bar. Bring in the bubbly and store champagne bottles in a pail full of ice. Then, choose two to three flavors of juice, and store them in separate carafe or pitchers. Get some small bowls and fill them with fruits, according to the flavors of your juices. Now for the creative side: label your decanters or pitchers decoratively. You may print tags indicating the flavors of the juice then tie them up to your carafe or pitcher. Also, print out a “Mimosa Bar” label with instructions, frame it and display next to the drinks.

6. Make a candy bar

Serve some colorful sweets like gummy bears, jelly beans, salt water taffies and the like, especially if you have guests who will be bringing in their kids. Do it in a charming way by using large, clear apothecary jars and make a candy bar on a corner or on a small table. The candies themselves serve as a decorative element on a table. Then, decorate the jar with printed labels. Use ribbons to attached to the label and wrap it around the jar. Or you can also use small jars, fill them with candy and attach a printed “thank you for coming” label on the lid as party favors.

7. Create a cloud with rain showers

Decorate with clouds with raindrops to make a “shower.” Create the clouds by forming a group of white string balloons into a cluster against the ceiling. Then, stick some raindrop-shaped paper cutouts on the strings. The shower cloud makes a focal point and a photo backdrop for your party. Put it on a corner or above your buffet table if you have a high ceiling.

8. Create a onesie cake bunting

Make your cake looking extra cute and picture perfect with a onesie cake bunting. Just hang a mini clothesline made of paper straws and string, and then hang tiny onesie paper cutouts. Put them on the cake and it will surely catch your guests’ attention.

9. Give the mom-to-be a bouquet of baby socks

Talk about lovely but useful. Instead of just wrapping your gift of baby socks with a gift wrapper, present them like a bouquet of rosebuds. With a bit of artsy rolling, tying with yarn and attaching to the green floral wire, now you have it! Choose a container for the arrangement – it can be a small bucket, a flower pot, wooden box or anything – and fill it with floral foam. Tuck in your “rosebuds” on the floral foam, and add some silk flowers and leaves to fill gaps to make it more presentable. The expecting mom will surely love it and it will surely go serve as a decoration during the party.

10. Hang a dedication banner

For a simple baby shower activity for the guests, let them write out their wishes for the baby and for the mommy. But, give it a little twist. Cut out animal silhouettes in colored papers of your choice, then hang them on a string to create a dedication banner. Ask your guests to write their messages and wishes on the animal cutouts.