Average personal injury lawsuit settlement amounts!

After involving in an accident, you may wonder how much you will get from your personal injury lawsuit settlement. It is not only you. Most of the victims want to know about the value of the settlement claim. You may get an idea and try to determine a possible amount of your claim by the average settlement.

The amount of average settlement also differs from situation to situation. All injuries and situations are not the same. This amount totally depends on individual situations and circumstances. Here in this article, we are going to discuss the average settlement amount in Canada. So keep reading!

How Much Is Average Personal Injury Lawsuit Settlement Amount:

The average settlement amount varies, but it remains in a certain range depending on your circumstances. The determination of the settlement amount depends on several factors. Because those factors will make your case significant and unique from others, those factors include:

  • Lost wages
  • Property damages
  • Hospital and medical bill
  • Mental and physical stress
  • Loss of life, and many more

In Canada, an average amount of personal injury settlement remains between 3000 CAD to 70,000 CAD. This amount will just give you an idea for calculating your injury settlement. But you should not think that the value would be exactly as same as that amount.

Generally, some professionals like Quirk Reed LLP determine the value of the settlement because your case will be a unique case from others. The settlement amount can be very high or can be very low. Some cases are really worth millions of dollars, where there is life loss or permanent damage. On the other hand, for ordinary injuries, the amount also will be small.

Is your case worth for average settlement?

It is so hard to determine the value of a personal injury settlement without knowing the situation. So you will not know the exact value of your claim. But you will be happy to know that you can ask for a settlement claim in every category of injuries. No matter how big or tiny that injuries are.

The value of your settlement can only determine by professionals. You can ask or take help from a personal injury lawyer who is specialized in this field. When you talk to them about the situation, you will come to know more about your individual case. A lawyer can determine the value in both economic and non-economic perspective.

Average Settlement for a Car Accident:

There are various kinds of car accidents, but the most common accident is a head-on collision, which causes a lot of damage to the car and the victims. If the accident causes real damage to the car and sometimes the consequences end up with life loss. If it is so, the average settlement will be between 4000 CAD to millions of dollars.

There is no way to value your case or situation by the average amount. Sometimes your injury can worth more than the average amount. But the amount will be maximum when there are both the car damages and the victim’s sufferings. You can go through a review to know the exact value of your case.

Determination of the value of personal injury settlement:

In order to determine the value of your personal injury settlement, you need to keep some factors in your concern. The total worth of your settlement will depend on some factors, such as the economic loss (property damages), pain and sufferings, mental traumas, and so on.

It is important to look at these factors to calculate the value of a settlement. Among all these factors, an economic loss will carry the maximum value of the compensation amount. Because economic loss is visible and easy to prove in the court, mental sufferings are not.

Settlement for personal injury cases:

When an accident occurs, there are some damages where some people must involve in that. One party is responsible for that accident, and sometimes both parties are equally responsible for that incident. If you think that the damages occur only because of the opponent party. Then you have to prove it to the court with proper documents and paperwork.

If both parties are equally responsible, then the court will decide the compensation money. Sometimes, the amount of compensation can be decreased because of this reason. Most often, both parties need to share the compensation money that was given by the insurance company. So the court will maintain a balancing act.

How long does it take to get the settlement amount?

All cases are different and unique from other cases. So the time for getting the settlement also varies. But the average processing time for getting a settlement takes around two to three weeks. Sometimes, it takes longer than this. It depends on how fast you are providing the court with the necessary documents and evidence.

If you can successfully prove it to the court, then you will receive a settlement amount. If your case is pre-suited by any insurance company, then it will take a couple of weeks to get your settlement money. It also depends on your lawyer. How actively your lawyer solves your injury case. A good personal injury lawyer will always help you to get your settlement money as fast as they can.

A personal injury lawyer in Canada:

When you are involved in an accident, you may claim an injury lawsuit settlement amounts. When you claim for it, you need it to go through some process. Sometimes, it can seem complicated for a general person because the court paperwork and insurance tactics make it more complicated.

So it is always better to hire a personal injury lawyer before it is too late. A personal injury lawyer can help you by providing necessary documents and advice. Also, they will help you to understand the tactics of the insurance company. This is how you can make sure of the maximum possible amount of settlements.

The bottom line:

If you or someone you know ever involved in an accident. Then do not delay to claim for a personal injury settlement. No matter what the incident was, if you claim settlement money, your case will definitely worth some amount. By the average settlement amount, you will get an idea about how much your case will worth.

But sometimes it is worth more than that and sometimes less. You will find a lot of lawyers to help you out in this regard. You just have to find the skilled and experienced one for you. Hopefully, from the above writing, now you know about the average personal injury lawsuit settlement amounts.