Art Appreciation 101: Here’s How To Celebrate The Aesthete In You

Art appreciation is a subjective matter; your taste, knowledge, and experience allow you to see the real beauty.

Only a true aesthete (lover of art) can relate to the saying.

Evaluating painting and sculptures could be a daunting task for someone who has just discovered their love for art. This is especially true for abstract artwork. Appreciating artwork is about enjoying different paintings, designs, sculptures, and photography. It also requires a thorough knowledge of various visual creations and genres.

Thus, if you also want to learn about the dynamics of art appreciation and the elements involved in creating a masterpiece, here’s something to get you started.

Keep on reading to learn more about the tips that can help you the newly discovered aesthete in you.

Learn about what is art evaluation

Before you even start evaluating a creation, you need to learn what art evaluation is all about. Although evaluating a masterpiece is highly personal, the combination of objective information and subjective opinion is what you need.

This means that while evaluating something, you just don’t have to ascertain whether you liked it or not. It is essential to back your answer with a reason stating why you liked or disliked it.

That’s why before you start evaluating a masterpiece, you need to brush up on your knowledge. Learn about the context and regarding the artwork before sharing your opinion. Once you have your facts on point, it would be easier to make a quality assessment and truly appreciate a masterpiece.

Speaking of…

Get in-depth insights on the fundamentals of art

Visiting multiple galleries and exhibitions can be intimidating if you have no clue about art. As mentioned before, it is crucial to brush up on art-related facts before sharing your opinions.

For starters, you should learn the difference between abstract and representational art. The former means that the creation has no typical resemblance to any natural shape. This type of creation is also popularly known as non-objective art. While the latter is used to describe a figurative masterpiece and instantly recognizable.

Likewise, there are many other things you should know about to appreciate any masterpiece the right way. For this, it would be best to read some art-related magazines and learn what’s trending in the industry. You can also look for some fantastic online artist resources to get an in-depth understanding of what professionals need to hone their craft. This way, you will have a deeper understanding of various visual art forms and the elements that contribute to creating a masterpiece.

Listed below are the fundamentals of art you should be familiar with

  • The materials used to build the creation: This is important while evaluating various art forms such as paintings and sculptures. Learning about the paint and materials used to create a masterpiece can give you an upper hand during the evaluation.
  • Content and subject matter of the creation: You can only appreciate something when you know what it is trying to convey. That’s why it is important to learn how to crack the content and subject matter of the creations. For instance, many artists use their skills as a metaphor to ignite a much-needed conversation over a certain issue. The key is to think about the purpose behind creating a picture and developing your own theory.
  • Aesthetics of the creation: Aesthetics is all that matters when it comes to art. It is an element that adds beauty and transforms a creation into a masterpiece. Thus, while appreciating any masterpiece, try to see what are the things that make it beautiful.
  • Transform your house into a gallery

Now that you have learned about how to evaluate a masterpiece, it is time to bring some of them home. It will not only help you celebrate your passion but also create a chic and fashionable space. This way, you can bring home some of the best creations you love and give a unique flair to the decor.

However, you can’t truly appreciate a work of art just by purchasing and displaying them in your living room. It is crucial to do justice to the masterpieces and display them strategically around your space. That’s something that can blend your love for the art with your decor the right way. And here are some tips for the same.

Pay attention to the lighting

The perfect lighting can definitely bring out the best in any creation. It brings a masterpiece to life and enhances its presence in your decor.

For this, experts recommend installing adjustable track lighting above the creations. Adjust their angles until you achieve the desired look. The lighting plan depends on whether you want to create a bold, dramatic or soft look.

Try matching the creations with the furniture

Randomly displaying paintings or sculptures can disrupt your overall decor. To avoid that, make sure you focus on displaying the creations so that they blend in with your current staple decor elements.

For instance, you can pair a simple representational masterpiece with vibrant furniture or colorful abstract pieces with neutral tones. This way, you will allow the creations to stand out amongst the rest of the home decor elements.

Create a special space for the sculptures

According to interior decorators, it is easy for the decor elements to outshine the charm of the sculptures. Since you’re appreciating the creations, you wouldn’t want those beautiful sculptures to get outshined, right? So, make sure you have a unique space for all the sculptures.

For instance, you can use a pedestal or elevated surface to display the larger sculptures and make a group of smaller ones to draw attention. You can also place a mirror behind your sculpture to add depth and dimension to its look. Prevent accidental damage by keeping the delicate pieces out of the heavy traffic areas.

In the end

Appreciating art is definitely one of the best ways to celebrate the aesthete in you. So, use the tips that are mentioned above to keep your love for art ignited.