Are Inofia Mattresses any good?


Inofia mattresses are prominent and have survived many years on the market. They have struggle from being cheaply made and low end mattress with less care for their extended use and comfort, to a trusted, good budget, and reputable brand. So, this article will try to explain why one should not miss such a mattress in his/her bedroom.

They are amazing not only for comfort, but also their affordable price. They come in different sizes and forms as the brand may manufacture a single, double, small double, queen, and sometimes king size. They are value for the money, costing around 200 pounds based on the size. 

They are great value for money

From the introductory part, you can realize that Inofia mattresses are long lasting, affordable, and provide you with versatile properties to fit your needs. You need to understand that these mattresses are not the top quality in the market, but their price and quality make them outstanding. 

They offer excellent level of comfort, materials, and support compared to the so-called high-quality mattresses, coasting around 600-700 pounds. Remember, these mattresses can serve your for not less than 10 years. 

Design and quality

There are multiple Inofia Mattresses that you can comment on and compare i.e., Pocket Sprung and Inofia Memory Foam mattresses. You get 100 night trial from Inofia, and it guarantees your 10 years longevity. 

It comes in a great pocket springs combination, offering superior air circulation and support; it doesn’t care about your sleeping position. Besides, getting out and in of the bed is straightforward as the springs gives you additional help and bounce. 

The manufacturer combined the pocket springs with some memory foam layers, making Inofia Mattress more comfortable. It can therefore relieve your aching joints. Yeah, such bedding is a good value for money, costing less than 300 pounds.

Inofia brand manufacturers various types of mattresses, some of them having the similar structure. They tend to have memory foam and pocket springs for great support and comfort. 

With this brand, price plays a critical role in determining the quality of a certain mattress. So, the more money you pay, the remarkable your bedding will be. It caters for almost everyone’s need; quality goes with the price. The materials used to manufacturer these models are of great quality for their longevity.

Trustworthy brand

Their 100 night trial is amazing, assuring you 10 year service life. You will love Inofia mattress as you are allowed to try it for more than three months before making a final decision. The company understands that your body may take more than a week to adapt to the new mattress’s feel. 

Yeah, you might feel comfortable at the first night and feel uncomfortable for the remaining nights. In the same case, a too firm or soft mattress, may take a few weeks for your body to subscribe into it. 

But, now you have more than 3 months to test the mattress. Return it if you are not satisfied with it. Such a service gives you another opportunity to trust and rely on online trading, something that has been difficult for decades.

You will not find such a trial period in other top-quality manufacturing Companies in the market. Failure to try out a mattress can land you into a wrong choice.

Inofia mattresses are long-lasting

Go on and invest in these beddings because they are durable. The combination of materials used to manufacturer these models are of high quality. Believe me, Inofia mattress guarantees you not less than 10 years in service. 

Many brands recommend a mattress replacement after 7 to 10 years. So, buying such a mattress allows you to get best of it. However, if the teenager, a child, or petite are using the mattress, it can even last for more than 10 years.

On the other hand, a replacement is sooner if the mattress will be used by two bigger adults in every night. Your mattress will wear our faster.

Who should use Inofia Mattresses?

Anyone one who is tired of replacing his/her mattress can rely on an Inofia bedding. It is perfect for adult beds.

More so, such mattresses are suitable to be used on the spare room bed or guest bed. Your guests will have comfortable nights; a home far from home. 

It can be the best choice for a child’s bed or teenager, migrating from a single to a double bed size. They are ideal because they won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

The mattress is also suitable for anyone, overheating at night; the memory foam and pocket springs in Inofia mattress increase the air circulation and breathability. 

Lastly, Inofia mattress is suitable for anyone requiring a mattress that falls below 300 pounds. More so, if you fear buying bedding online without testing it out, then Inofia is suitable for you now that you understand where are Inofia mattresses made.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does china manufacture Inofia mattresses?

Yes, but the country also produces various types of mattresses like OTTY foam mattresses. 

Do Inofia mattreses have fiberglass?

No. it doesn’t have fiberglass and it can support not less than 460 pounds. It’s suitable for both heavy and light sleepers; great choice indeed. 

Who should not order and use Inofia mattress?

Anyone can order and use these mattresses. However, if someone has some health complications like weak back or elderly. It might be unsuitable for them during the installation process. But, it’s possible to be helped by neighbors or delivery drivers.

Wrap it up!

From the above discussion, you can realize that Inofia mattress comes with a lot of benefits, making it worth buying. It’s budget friendly, but packs the exact quality one should expect to meet in top-quality mattresses in the market. Besides, the support and comfort in this type of bedding are amazing; no more nightmares.

The model is long lasting, but goes at an affordable price. However, if you intend to purchase a premium, a life changing bedding, then you should go for beddings like Emma or Casper mattresses. But, if you’re operating at a fixed budget, I would advise you to choose Inofia Mattress; it costs around 200 pounds only.