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We are presenting the best projects of architecture and interior design.

The 55th Edition of the FAD of architecture and interior design awards organized by ArquinFAD, the interdisciplinary Association of the space design of the FAD, collects this year 27 finalists in the Iberian Peninsula.


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“Begin to draw the new occupation of this site in connection with the measures of the courtyards, warehouses and neighbouring houses, has established a good neighborhood and at the same time he produced a rich sequence of outdoor spaces, who graduate the passage of public, community and private.”

“A project that makes memorable the experience of inhabiting from the perspective of a child through routes and spaces of great wealth.” Even in the case of a large-scale intervention gets rightly integrate pre-existing and new architectural pieces with a studied adaptation to the topography.”

“A pedagogical concept thanks to the careful distribution of applications and the creation of a seat cover as a meeting place for the entire educational community is materialized through architecture. The Zenithal light, transparencies, filters and Visual relationships between interior and exterior qualify with great sensibility different namespaces.”

“Organizing the spaces of coexistence within a great workplace, designing in the difficult combination of discretion, privacy and sociability, the project offers a generous circulation, open to natural light and abroad that lead to one intuitively to most collected sites that allow you to feel at home.”

“An intervention intense, subtle and useful, where architecture, interior design and landscape are taken into account at the same time, providing an innovative piece in the typology of spaces of this use, technically daring, creating a unique and poetic atmosphere.”

“The power vacuum, which has stripped of all artifice and retrieves the abstract values of space; intelligence in the redefinition of the levels and scale; the elegance of annexed constructions that go beyond the lack of sophistication of their materials to become firmer, spaces full of light, in dialogue with an exterior that sneaks surreptitiously into the main space…”

“An apparently unfinished image and a few simple materials that hide a rich reflection on environment, the values of the rural heritage and the relationship between a sumptuous past and a present agricultural. “A skillful use of resources that prevents the unnecessary, creates elaborate spaces – some strongly emotive and results in an equipment adjusted to the context.”

“A strong focus on sustainability and energy efficiency. Building industrialised with a single repetitive stripped module finishes, where its implementation conforming an atrium, as space of relationship and communication of the users, is at the same time climate space to get the initial criteria of energy efficiency.”

“An understanding of the building and its programmatic and historical symbolism. The intervention shows a serene attitude of great rigor, which expresses itself in the domain on technique, rescues the functionality and use of the building by inserting it in the contemporary world.”

“Knowing the capacity of the old slaughterhouse to accept this new occupation, resulting in a balanced and optimistic balance between the existing and the new.” Accepting the perimeter of the walls, it is the work against the sky, by opening Windows and patios, which will operate the future school.”