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Huge apartment window

The dimesiones are protagonists in this apartment. The enormous window seems to conquer both spaces, the exterior and interior. You can be there as in heaven. A major limitation of the environments in buildings with high attic is the windowed, everything’s roof, just some small windows are almost hidden or as ornaments, the solution we see in the photo is radical. Can be defined as a “window wall” angle.

 apartment window

For more information on openings of houses follow the link is a list of relevant content that you can view in an orderly manner. ‘s really awesome for everyday activities and taking into account the privacy exposed. The idea is bold and courageous at a time. Check the postings chosen from the list of links. Read the article on the double glazed windows.

Windows custom home design

This family home is called The Soaring Osprey House (House osprey) and is located on Flathead Lake, MT, USA.
sought ways design of a bird in flight to the waters and the big windows are like eyes pointing at the lake , a glass matches draw feathers. The windows have been a true challenge assumed by and aventanada room to the lake looks like a ship environment to Captain Nemo, in a film. For more information on openings for home follow this link there is a relevant postings list may be revised in order. Be sure and check the page where you sort the postings on houses in North America , in that other link.

Windows in home design
There are 87 doors and windows special design for the house and 18 windows following the shape of a giant eagle jacket. Each window has a special radio to achieve the final look unique.

Large custom windows
Architecture of Richard Wyman Smith and contractor Len Ford, Valley Glass. Check other amazing design houses posted on this blog postings of architecture, follow the links in the table below.