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Cute ideas for an apartment with a brick wall

A brick wall does not have to be boring. The brick walls in a small apartment offer a canvas blank to create decorative exhibitions can give your apartment an artistic, rustic or modern, depending on the design elements you choose and how you place it. Combining decorative items that go with your personality and taste, you can make a brick wall in your apartment the focal point in the room.


Paintings and photographs
A brick wall is the perfect rustic backdrop to display artwork. A great work of art centered on the wall surrounded by other smaller works is an effective way to use space. See that light reaches the wall, or even placed lights located to accentuate the art to give the apartment a warm style and improve the provision of art. Installing the lamp on each side wall is another way to highlight the art.

Shelves and shelves
Installing a metal shelf on a brick wall partially or wooden shelves on a wall that is all brick provides a contrast that will give your apartment a rustic and cozy. Decorate the shelves with your favorite collection or small clay pots with flowers. With stops decorative books, shelves can also serve as a place to store books.

Create a cozy fireplace, without installing anything or break any brick. A false stove placed in front of the wall is all that is needed. False stoves use lights to double the flames and to produce heat, is making this a great way to save on your heating bill and add a touch of warmth and beauty to your apartment.

Natural elements
Take advantage of the element of stone decorating with floral arrangements , wicker, crafts with bamboo spikes and art that can highlight the character of the bricks. The picture with wicker or wood frames are also ideal. The nautical theme or field can be combined with these elements to give your wall a specific personality.

Ask for help from someone with painting skills or use stencils to create a mural that covers the entire wall of bricks. Think of the wall as a canvas . The brick can be painted with interior paints or aerosol. Nature scenes, street and city or even crazy graffiti designs can be used to give a new style to your brick wall. Just make sure that the apartment owner agrees.