Mammaplasty which also called mammoplasty involves two things , you either do Augmentation mammaplasty or Reduction mammaplasty otherwise known as boob reduction surgery, and we will be focusing on Reductions mammaplasty, it is a breast reduction surgery operations, which is done so as to remove the extra fat from the breast if you have a large breasts, where there is a large proportion of breast, it causes back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain and even other funny symptoms that inconvenience the body. This is mostly common with women but some male do have large breasts.

Now you should know before you indulge yourself in a surgical operation,  meet a very good surgeon ask questions, be free to open up about how you feel about your breast, you might even have lumps in it that you might not know, be prepared to discuss emotional  issues with your surgeon with regards to your breast , don’t hide anything, this is very helpful for you and your doctor and you shouldn’t panic when doctor opens up about the state of your breast to you, and if you the type that smoke you will have quit before and after the surgery process so that its heals up fast and you also need to take some medications.

As great as it sounds due to the ease that comes with it after doing a Breast Reduction, there are also some risks associated with it.

  1. This might come with the problem of breast feeding, now bear in mind it’s every one that has this issue it’s depending on your kind of body, so that is why you should have a discussion with your  doctor before you proceed.
  2. One breast or nipple may appear larger than the other, this might scare you a bit when you first set your eyes on it but you really have to panic you will get use to it later
  3. There must be a decrease in sensation of nipples or breasts depending on your body.
  4. Long time recovery, it might take a long time to recover from the process, especially if the doctor operating on you is not very good enough to know what to administer so as to get a quick recovery then, you might just have this issue

Now understanding this whole thing is very important after the procedure you body wears a new look and a new shape, you might now need to get new clothes and it might take some time to mentally adjust to the new formative, it’s advisable to do some follow up after the operation with your doctor a very good one, so means you should ensure you are working with a very good that so when it comes check how the healing process is going , he/she will not have issues with knowing it is healing at the right place. Take drugs as prescribed by your doctor, this is very important.  if you need a reference you could try JIM BANTNER PASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY