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How to remove an alarm system of home

An alarm system for a home can provide security and peace of mind for you and your family. But if you ever decide to remove the alarm system, you could get involved in a large project depending on how far you want to go. Many components of alarm systems are discreet and can be left in place to remove them. However, some parts can be annoying. Removing them is usually just a matter of undoing the hanging mechanisms.

alarm system



It determines which components of the alarm system may be left in place. If parts are not in the way of other things and do not create visual problems is preferable to leave them installed. Once the parties ‘main’ is removed, there is no problem in letting the other pieces in place, if not in the way .

The alarm monitoring company (if any) before disconnecting the alarm. Otherwise, it is likely that the police be directed to your home.
Disables the alarm through the control panel. If there is a maintenance mode, put the alarm in this mode.


Turn off the power to the alarm and siren or horn in the fuse box. It is important, in order to avoid electric shock or even death , use the Meter or another tester to ensure that power does not flow to parts of the alarm before attempting to manipulate or disconnect.

Disconnect the power to the siren or horn. The extraction of the components of the alarm system can activate measurements due to altered resistance. Disconnecting the siren or horn firstly prevent false alarms.

Examine the main alarm box. Generally this is close to one of the inputs. Determines whether it is supplied via a battery or an electrical wiring. Most electrically wired systems have a battery backup in case of power failure, so the presence of a battery does not mean that the system is powered by batteries.

If the main alarm box is powered by a battery, first disconnect the battery if possible. Then, remove the bolts or pins that hold the alarm box in the wall. If the box is attached through a kind of glue, you will need to make a lever on the box to remove it from the wall.

Repeat the above steps for all control panels alarm.

After all control panels have been disconnected alarm and removed, remove the rest of the components, such as opening detectors, motion detectors and glass break detectors unscrewing or pulling your nails. Many detectors will be placed with adhesive. Can be removed by a lever on them.

Only wiring removed if absolutely necessary.