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Save money on your air conditioning costs

If you have been hesitating to invest in air conditioning for your home, there’s a very good chance that the cost has been a contributing factor to your hesitation. There’s little argument to be had that air conditioning will increase your monthly energy costs, but that increase doesn’t have to be prohibitive. There are lots of little ways you can save money and enjoy the benefits of air conditioning all at once without having to worry about AC repair NYC residents.

One of the best ways to reduce your air conditioning costs is, of course, to reduce your consumption. The first step in doing that is to purchase the appropriate sized air conditioner for the space you have to cool. If you have a small apartment, you don’t need the same amount of cooling power that you would need to cool a large house. Choosing a unit that pumps out too much cooling power will cost you money in energy bills that you don’t need to spend. Always be sure to match the unit’s power (measured in BTUs) to the size of the area it will need to cool.

Next, always purchase a unit that has been rated for energy efficiency. You may have to pay more for this unit initially, but because it will run efficiently and use less energy, you will actually save money on your monthly running costs.

Installing a “smart” thermostat is another great way to save on your air conditioning cost. These thermostats are ideal because they allow you to program the temperature to go up or down at certain times of the day. So, if you aren’t home during the day you can set your air conditioner to a higher temperature, to go down a few hours before you get home. That way, you don’t spend money on cooling a house that is empty. That can save you a significant amount of money on your monthly energy costs.

Incidentally, simply raising your thermostat a few degrees can save you a lot of energy costs, too. Your home shouldn’t be so cold that you require a sweater. It should simply provide a comfortable respite from the heat and humidity of summer. One way to test whether your thermostat is too set too low is to step outside your house. If you have the sensation at first that the warm air outside is actually comforting, like the feeling you get when it is chilly and you put on a sweater, your air conditioning is keeping your house too cool. Reprogram your thermostat to keep the temperature a little bit warmer and you’ll save energy and money.

So, if you are considering installing air conditioning in your home, don’t let the monthly cost keep you from doing it. Although you will have to pay extra each month for the luxury of a cool house, there are lots of ways to make the monthly outlay much more affordable.