Addition of gardens

The front of this building removed in Buenos Aires enabled a large open space with the addition of gardens changed the look of the party wall next to the sidewalk, headed for the door. Some plants can shape a charming set, is the case of the climbing plant that folds on the wall as a vertical garden. More information and photos of home and garden on this link, you will find a list of relevant content .

 Addition of gardens

Access to a residential building with garden
The vivid green compensates the excess concrete and cold materials. This is an inspiring idea for the entry of a residential building but also be adapted to the backyard of his house. With plants and flowers you can give context to the architecture or create accents in front sectors and access.

This access to the building with ample space is adorned by green shades of the vine, is what creates an additional dimension , as if it were a clipped privet plant. Flowers and plants help to change the character of a residential building access . Note the architectural detail of the platforms , as wide steps going bridging the gap. designs small gardens.

The development of small gardens is probably one of the major contributions of this time the art of gardening . As residential properties become smaller, larger gardens today are confined to public parks and botanical gardens.

The small gardens term means different things to different people. If you live in an apartment and your garden is reduced to a small balcony, the garden of a neighborhood house will surely like great.

On the other hand, a medium-sized garden can see what little the owner of a large property. Generally, small urban properties are actually very small and covered area can reach the third or half of the area, so it really is minimum space left free to develop a garden.

It takes planning to choose and combine plants correctly, because it can be a challenge but the minimum space is not a barrier to creating a beautiful garden.

Small garden in a brick wall
Looking at pictures of different examples you can design a project that enhances access to the building where he lives and propose. It also will inspire you to fix a small garden at the rear space. Check the following entries on small gardens , follow the links in the table below.