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A safe home for children

Having a child brings many changes, not just personal, also at home. In addition to prepare a room, then you have to start thinking about how to adapt spaces, protect all that is broken and eliminate potential hazards when the child starts to explore on your own. According to studies, more than half of childhood accidents occur at home, and the most vulnerable are children between 1 and 4 years. Then we will see different patterns and tips for a safe home for children. Therefore, we give you ideas for preventing child domestic accidents:

1. Cover edges and corners of furniture : baby stores or home you can find shields or manufacture at home with foam. It is also advisable to check that no nails or splinters or furniture or the floor.

safe home for children

2. Lock doors and drawers so that once you start, you can not open them at your own risk. No soo helps prevent harming the baby can also serve to protect those objects you do not want to break. You can find safety lock system in baby stores or home and DIY.

3. Cover plugs if you generate curiosity. There are plastic caps easy to apply and remove for an adult and they are doing well to cover the sockets recessed into the wall.

4. Do not let small or fragile objects at your fingertips . Not only can they be lost or broken, they can also hurt the baby, cause you to trip or could swallow.

5. Saves and hazardous objects where it can not find or reach . Cleaning products, DIY or drugs should be totally outside the scope of children.

6. Restricts access to stairs, balconies or hazardous rooms . There adaptable to all spaces fences to prevent them from going where they want. Besides the stairs, attention to the kitchen and bathroom, as they are often the sites with more risks for children.

7. Beware heaters, stoves, or radiators. The burns among smaller are common.

8. Limited insurance to make room : a playground, a crib or a room where there are no dangerous objects and can move freely.

And finally to be calm and trust that your home is about, do not forget a good home insurance guarantees you the best service at any time. And enjoy family!