Living Room Design

Design ideas for decorating a living room

Designing a living room often determines the ambience and functionality of the space. The factors associated with the color, texture, material and organization play a fundamental role in how the space is used and in the sense that it will generate the environment. If you get inspiration from elements of other styles environments or copies are already present or magazines , you can easily create a stunning design combined with different styles.

decorating a living room

Inspiration Factor

Find inspiration for an item that is already in that environment and that has a special meaning. You can adapt the rest of the items based on the colors of that. For example, an element of inspiration can be a blue blanket with yellow and green. The colors are less prominent (yellow and green) can be used for other great items in the room; ie, walls, upholstered furniture, carpets and curtains may take those tones. The predominant color of the main article (blue) can function as a contrast in the room, items such as pillows, wall hanging ornaments, vases and lampshades.


Design Styles
When choosing a style for the design of a living room , you can create the tone of the room and the feeling that generates, before choosing the components. Some popular styles are the French country, rustic house a Tuscan style or something more romantic. Each style is associated with a particular combination of colors and types of furniture. For example, a living room of a house with a French country style often includes a soft palette, with white as the main color. The cream, blue and gray colors also have an important role. The furnishings are inspired by old items that may have been previously used as other furniture in another era. For example, an antique dresser can be transformed into a cabinet or an antique table light can be converted into a coffee table.
Recreating a professional design

Photographs of the magazines are often a great resource to use as a guide for the design of a room. If you select pieces based on the furniture, colors and accessories in the picture, you will create a room that combine well. The elements are often difficult to combine (and sometimes expensive). However, if you respect the size, texture and feel that generate the image, you can create something similar keeping the original design.

Central element

Living areas with prominent architectural features often facilitate the design of the room. If you use a central basis for inspiration, you can use the colors and textures of other items that are in the room. For example, a large home ivory may indicate that the target should be a prominent color in the design. The cold look of ivory can be reinforced with the use of other items with similar characteristics, such as leather seats or glass tables, or can be contrasted with the use of softer elements like heavily padded armchairs and plush carpeting.