A green move is possible! Learn how to get started

Humanity, or at least a great part of it, has turned its attention to more environmentally friendly solutions. It is necessary, because the consequences of man’s activities without measuring the polluting repercussions have brought our planet to the brink of a point of no return. If this is something that you care about, you should know that you can start with the daily tasks. It is even possible to make an eco-friendly move.

It all adds up, no matter how insignificant it may seem. Green relocations are an excellent initiative for those who love the planet.

What is ecology?

According to the Oxford Dictionary, ecology is understood as the science that studies living beings as inhabitants of an environment, and the relationships they maintain with each other and with the environment itself.

The prefix “eco” refers to the use of techniques that contribute to the respect of the environment.

Relocations and ecology

You can ‘also’ plan a move by changing some materials, being aware of the effects of certain chemicals and even using eco-friendly materials.

Following this, we give you some tips to make a move that has the least negative impact on the surrounding space.

  • Instead of cardboard boxes, you can use plastic boxes. They are characterized by being transparent, so it will make it easier to know the contents of each container without having to open it. The fact that it is a more durable material will guarantee its reusability, and you can even use it to store objects in your home and not just for removals.It should be noted that plastic boxes are designed for more than one use, but cardboard boxes are intended for one use only. Then they usually end up in the trash.
  • You can also have wooden trunks instead of cardboard boxes.
  • Take into consideration that there is recycled cardboard or paper that you can use to pack for your moves. With this paper you can pack certain objects, especially fragile ones, and with boxes you can transport your belongings.
  • The vehicle you use to move should be big enough to carry all the objects you are going to move, to avoid making more trips than necessary.
  • Get rid of those objects that are not necessary, recycling them, donating them or selling them. The idea is to move only what you really need, to save gas and, consequently, polluting less.
  • You can replace the bubble wrap, which by the way is highly polluting, for blankets to protect your fragile objects, to prevent them from falling in friction and deteriorating in the transfer. That translates into saving money and a nod to the environment.
  • Finally, consider the type of transportation you will use to make the move. The first idea may be to do it yourself, but that translates into stress, little space for your belongings and other inconveniences that may mean several trips and, therefore, higher gas costs.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not save money if you make the move yourself. On the contrary, the environmental impact is usually worse, because you have to make more than one trip.

That is why the ideal is to choose a more efficient way to transport your belongings. For this reason, it is very likely that you will need an efficient moving service.  At Nice Guy Movers Orlando we have a whole fleet and specialized personnel to make your experience as comfortable as possible, but above all to make your move as efficient as possible. Check out our options to find the one that best suits your budget and your needs, especially if you want to contribute to a healthier environment for you, your family and humanity.