Dining Room Design

What kind of art can go in a dining room

The dining room of the house serves as the place where you can relax and eat or also used for many entertainment activities. When selecting the type of art to decorate your room, you can give your imagination high reach. Whether a simple work made ​​by a loved one, or something you appreciate too but that does not fit anywhere else in your home, follow your instincts.

Abstract Paintings

An abstract painting can be a good sign to place in your room. Abstract art can be very showy, modest, atmospheric or bold. Depending on the rest of the decor, as well as your personal flair, you can find in abstract ideal. Furthermore, abstract art is inhibited, unreal and may also include a wide range of colors.


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A figurative work as a portrait, a figure study, or other concerns the human subject, is a very intimate piece for a dining room. You may know a painter of portraits , or hoard a portrait of a friend or family member and decide to hang it especially for viewing daily. Figurative works are created in a variety of shades to suit the sensitivity, and since it became popular, you’re sure to find suitable work for you. Art fairs and galleries are great places to take a tour.
Kinetic Art

Kinetic art (mobile) is not only for children . Sophisticated artists as Calder adopt their estilo.Si your ceiling is very high, a mobile creative can be a piece that attracts glances while moving slowly with light drafts entering the room. Even if you have a ceiling fan may not be a good idea. If you have trouble finding a cell phone, you can contact a gallery for you to recommend an artist to make them.


If you have a dining room, a sculpture or a pedestal can be the choice as it shows elegance and luxury. If you have the space, a pedestal with some marble or a bust may be a viable option. Place the sculpture next to the wall and with a little light will look great. Obviously if your dining room is small or if there is any area that is out of step, a sculpture can be. In that case, choose a sculptural work that you can hang on the wall.