8 Types Of Backsplash To Perfectly Compliment Your White Kitchen

An all-white kitchen with matching countertop, cabinets, flooring and walls is a timeless piece. While an all-white look is beautiful, it can get a little flat. Matching the look with an excellent backsplash can have a considerably greater effect. Backsplash is perhaps the most simple component to add while redesigning your kitchen, and is ideal for giving your plan a remarkable, individual touch but picking a backsplash for your kitchen is not easy. If you love a fresh, white look in the kitchen as much as we do then prepare for our best ideas and tips to help you decide the perfect backsplash for your kitchen.

With basically boundless combinations to decide from, there are a few unique components to see while picking the best backsplash for your white kitchen.

Some of the best Backsplash designs to perfectly compliment your white kitchen:

  1. Herringbone Tile
  2. Offset/Staggered Brick
  3. Classic White subway tile
  4. Charcoal grey stacked stone
  5. Avignon patterned tile
  6. Rustic block backsplash
  7. Diamond (Diagonal)
  8. Basket Weave (Geometric)

1. Herringbone Tile

These are panels set in at 90 degrees to one another, appeared in this design above the oven. To compliment your white kitchen, you can add these tiles in stark white color. Or if you think stark white is looking flat, then add an off-white tile. This will add a character and dimension to your all-white kitchen.

2. Offset/Staggered Brick

This is a famous style in the present kitchens with white theme. A staggered brick is a kind in which blocks are laid. It applies to both brick walls and brick creating pathways, as well as to concrete block and different sorts of masonry development. There are a wide range of bricks and each has its own look, installing challenges, and on account of dividers, structural contemplations.

3. Classic White Subway Tile

As trends do not remain the same, one thing’s without a doubt: you can never turn out badly with a white classic subway tile backsplash. Subway tile has endured changes in design trends for quite a long time and isn’t going anyplace at any point in the near future. It is currently more famous in big kitchens.

4. Charcoal Grey Stacked Stone

For more modern white kitchens, picking two differentiating tones can make a striking color plan. Kitchen that includes brilliant white cupboards with a charcoal grey stacked stone backsplash that looks aesthetically pleasing. By bringing the backsplash from the countertops to the roof, if installed properly it will give a neat and gorgeous look. Upper cabinets should be filled in for moderate racks to guarantee all attention is centered around the backsplash.

5. Avignon Patterned Tile

Patterned tile backsplash has made a return as of late as homeowners wish to add an eccentric look to their all white kitchens. This exemplary highly contrasting tile backsplash appears as though a bit of modern day art in your white kitchen design. If you actually love experimenting then go for Patterned tile, you won’t be disappointed.

6. Rustic Block Backsplash

This white washed brick backsplash carries an exquisite European feel to a generally customary white kitchen. The warm tones in the wood floor and butcher square island counterbalance the splendid white shaker cupboards pleasantly. In case you’re keen on a block backsplash, you can either pick a real block or a fake strip and stick wallpaper on it. In any case, the block has an old-world European feel that can add critical character to any white kitchen.

7. Diamond (Diagonal)

This can be utilized as a focal center point behind an open-top range or cooktop. This type of backsplash consists of square tiles laid at a 45-degree angle. A great way to make your white kitchen look interesting and appealing by adding a lot of texture.

8. Basket Weave (Geometric)

A timeless backsplash, utilizes a mosaic of tiles to make geometric look. Characterized by geometrical styles, sharp lines, and intense tones, Basket Weave is pleasantly refreshed with this tile without being overpowering. For a consistent look in your white kitchen, pull tones from cabinets and countertops to create cohesiveness that will impress.

You can see a greater amount of the above sorts of backsplash design, examples and more at the shop when you go to purchase!

Bonus Tip: Don’t Make this Major Mistake

The eyes are regularly attracted to the backsplash region for how it contrasts white kitchen. So be mindful so as not to commit the MAJOR error of adding a border between your backsplash and countertop. Doing this can make a jumbled look and nobody needs that! All things being equal, choose the additional time it might take to appropriately measure or cut your tile and introduce your backsplash to meet the countertop. If you want to make the kitchen area look more modern, you can do that by bringing the countertop material up around four inches.

Choosing a right backsplash design for your next kitchen renovation is very important in order to make the overall look stylish and modern. Hope these tips will help you in choosing the right backsplash for your white kitchen.