8 Secret Tips To Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

The living room is one of the essential parts of any home, it is like the central location of your home where life truly happens, your guest gathers, and you can have some lazy and comfortable nights watching TV. You can also say that the living room is responsible for creating the first impression of your home. 

Everyone wants their living room to look expensive and appear lavish; however, that is easier said than done. Upgrading the décor and design of your living room can be quite tricky, especially if you aren’t familiar with popular design trends. 

Therefore, in today’s post, I am going to tell you about eight secret tips that can help you make your living room look expensive and lavish. Keep reading to learn more. 

Upgrade the lighting:

Lighting is one of the most critical features of any living space. The light can make or break your décor; in fact, improper lighting can make even a well-designed and well-decorated home appear dull. 

For an exceptional home, you would want to have different kinds of light sources. Instead of sticking to a single overhead light source, you should use multiple ceiling LEDs, along with table lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights.

Multiple light sources allow you to create a lavish and more modern ambiance in your living room, and it is essential for complementing the décor of your living room. 

Apart from adding modern lighting fixtures, you also need to ensure that there is a decent flow of natural light in your living room. You should opt for larger windows, and keep the window treatments to a minimum. The right amount of natural light can make a small room appear more open. 

Invest in textiles and textures:

Adding a couple of throw pillows to your couch is one of the best ways to dress up your living room; however, the problem is that they can be expensive. 

Here is a quick tip, instead of buying throw pillows, which can cost more than $100 for a single piece, you can invest in elegant fabrics and make covers for simple pillows. You can buy enough high-end fabric for one pillow for around $10-$20, and you will have to pay a little more for a pure white pillow. 

You can stitch a cover for your pillows by yourself and make your living room look lavish by only spending a fraction of the actual cost. You can also use these high-end fabrics to make covers for your crib mattress pads. 

Consider repainting:

A simple and inexpensive upgrade that you can make to your living room is repainting the walls. If you select the right tones and pallets, you can make the entire room lighten up. 

Though white and other similar shades have been dominant when it comes to interior design, this year, we are also noticing a trend of brighter and more vibrant tones. One of the best strategies, in my opinion, is to go for an accent wall in a lively tone, while keeping the remaining walls natural. 

Add new and lavish the window fixtures:

The windows of your living room and the drapes, blinds, and curtains you put on them play a significant role in determining the décor of your living room. As I have mentioned before, you need to have large windows that let a lot of light in; however, the curtain that you use is even more critical. 

Firstly, your curtain should be long enough to come close to the floor; such long curtains can give your living room the illusion of a higher ceiling, a popular luxury feature. 

As far as the curtains’ fabric is concerned, you should apply the same strategy as you did with your throw pillows. Put the fabric in bulk and make the curtains yourself, which will help you save a significant amount of money while making your living room appear super expensive. 

Furthermore, get the fabric for the curtains in lavish color, which goes well with the room’s pallet. You can also buy fabric in bulk and make your curtains at home, which is quite easy if you look into it. 

Add some layers:

Layering is a common and popular interior design strategy. As it is evident from the name, layering involves creating different layers of textures and design elements. You can get a layered effect in your living room by adding throw pillows and blankets to your furniture. 

Furthermore, one of the best ways to get this luxury effect is to add a rug to the floor. Now, you don’t have to invest in a lavish wool rug, even a standard rug in the right color, and with the proper texture can have a significantly lavish and luxe appearance. 

Hang some art on the walls:

If you want a lavish-looking living room, you surely can’t leave your living room walls empty. It would be best if you considered investing in some wall art. Now, of course, you won’t be buying a painting that costs thousands of dollars; however, you can still get some fantastic looking wall art for an affordable price if you know where to look. 

It would help if you are looking for art pieces in thrift stores, or maybe you can commission a painting from a local artist. Another simple, modern, and inexpensive way to add some flare to your walls is to hang some posters. 

Bring nature inside your living room:

The indoor plantation is one of the trendiest interior design concepts of 2020. Having some indoor plants can do wonders for the appearance and appeal of the entire space. It can make your living room appear roomier while adding a welcome splash of green into the color pallet. 

Another advantage of indoor plants is that they can make your living room smell fresher and more fragrant, which is a subtle but integral feature of a lavish living room. 

Therefore, invest in some indoor plants. You can also get some artificial ornamental plants if it may be difficult for you to take care of real ones. 

Therefore, bring some nature into your living room, to make it look expensive and luxurious.

Avoid clutter at all costs:

When it comes to interior design, clutter is your worst enemy. If you want your living room to appear lavish and luxurious, you need to tidy up your home regularly, especially if you have a pet or kids in the house. 

Moreover, when trying to implement features like layers, you need to be careful because it is easy to make your home appear cluttered while attempting to add throw pillows and blankets.