8 of the Greatest Guitar Lesson Sites and Apps in 2021

Covid-19’s social distancing stipulations have made it almost impossible to attend guitar classes physically. Nevertheless, the internet has ensured that interested learners find guitar lesson options remotely.

With numerous guitar lesson resources online for beginners, intermediate, and established players, properly structured online platforms have emerged to create the best player out of you. Here are eight of the best online guitar lesson sites and applications today.

1. ArtistWorks Guitar

Price: $35 monthly for a 3-month plan, $30 monthly for a 6-month program, $23.25 monthly for an annual plan.


  • Video feedback
  • Top-tier instructors
  • Custom lesson plans


  • Expensive subscription

ArtistWorks’s diverse has phenomenal instructors like Keith Wyatt coaching Electric Blues Guitar and Paul Gilbert teaching Electric Rock Guitar.

Its video exchange platform enables learner interaction with instructors. Moreover, their basic package provides a music theory workshop, unlimited access to classes, and Video Exchange Library. You can submit five videos to an instructor.

2. JamTrack Central

Price: From $/£14.99/monthly.


  • Superb production values
  • Interactive UI
  • Proficient instructors


  • Not suitable for beginners

JTC has a top-notch setup with add-on features such as eponymous Jam Tracks and boasts of great instructors like Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, and Jess Lewis.

There are 62 courses for beginners, 207 for advanced learners, and 429 for intermediate learners. A premium account accesses their entire library (except boot camp), with 25 percent off downloads.

3. Orange Learn

Price: £79.99 monthly for Grade 3-5, 6-8, or £7.99 monthly for Grade 1-8.


  • Trackable user performance
  • Have accredited online examinations
  • Live help and feedback


  • Grading and accredited examinations make it feel schoollike.

Their collaboration with MGR provides live help from the instructors whenever you need it. Simply click on the “Need Help?” button for live interaction.

With Online Music Exams, Orange Amplification offers examinations and recognized accreditation to students from grade 1 to 8 on rock guitar.

You get to cover the syllabus with your instructor at your own pace. Further, downloadable lessons are intermediate and advanced for beginners up to grade 8, together with their videos and notation.

4. Fender Play

Price: $/£9.99 monthly, $/£7.50 monthly for an annual plan.


  • Great User Experience
  • Excellent for beginners.
  • Variety of lessons.
  • Trackable progress.


  • No offline access

With an excellent UI- you track your progress on the sidebar, choose a skill, and select a song or riff. Beneath each video, there’s a glossary button, chord charts, tabs, feedback, and tools.

The navigation is excellent, especially for beginners but not so much content for advanced learners.

5. JamPlay Online Guitar Lessons

Price: $19.95 monthly, $49.95 for three months, and $159.95 annually.


  • Outstanding production values and top-tier teachers
  • Abundant online resources
  • Numerous lessons


  • An abundance of learning resources makes it hard for users to know where to begin.

JamPlay has a tremendous amount of content with several apps. They also have over 100 teachers, including Mark Kroos and Kaki King on the acoustic guitar department and Steve Stevens and Lita Ford on the electric guitar faculty.

Several guest lessons are also available from professionals like Prashant Aswani and Ariel Posen.

JamPlay classes are in 4K resolution, with a user-friendly interface. Their online library of chords and scales makes your performance trackable.

6. JustinGuitar Online Guitar Lessons

Price: $9.99 monthly for a 6-month plan.


  • Easy-to-understand and follow lessons by renowned teachers
  • Numerous free content
  • Diverse subjects


  • The site is challenging to navigate.

Justin Sandercoe is a perfect teacher for all learning levels. A lot of his beginner content is free to access. His YouTube videos complement his work.

Further, he has theoretical lessons and practical lessons in PDF, audio, and Guitar Pro downloads.

7. TrueFire Guitar Lessons

Price: $29 monthly plan, $249 annually and $2,499 lifetime.


  • Great instructors
  • Slo-Mo and Looping features
  • Diverse resources


  • Relatively expensive

It’s packed with an array of features and the best instructors in the industry like Robben Ford.

It is friendly for amateur, intermediate, and expert learner levels with complete learning tools and a progress tracker.

The Slo-Mo and Looping feature assists learners in memorizing parts where they find most trouble by slowing and mastering them before bringing them up to tempo.

8. Guitar Tricks

Price: $19.99 monthly or $179.99 annually.


  • Great technical resources like tone advice
  • Diverse style coverage
  • Extensive song library
  • Content fit for novice to expert players
  • Solid teaching plan


  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Bad UI

It has diverse content for average and already established players. Their content is excellent, save for their UI. Regardless of their high amount of content, they have poor UX. Nonetheless, it is workable.

It’s hard to decide on the most suitable guitar site or app. However, you can always scale down on a decision based on your budget, level of proficiency, and interactiveness of the service provider to help you achieve your dreams.