8 Essential Reasons To Use Self Storage When Moving House

Moving becomes an ordeal when you have too much stuff to pack and move. The more things you have, the more time it will take to complete the whole moving process and settle in your new house. Therefore, you would want to move as little stuff as possible and keep the rest elsewhere. But where would you keep the rest of the stuff? In a storage unit.

A storage unit can be of great help when you are moving. It ensures that things you are not taking with you in the new house are safe. And, you can access your stuff whenever you want.

Apart from the safety of your stuff, other reasons which make a storage unit a good option while moving include the following. Also, to manage your business consider the best facility Storage In Southport.

1. Save delicate stuff from damage

When moving to a new house, it is not wise to move delicate stuff such as expensive centerpieces, vintage furniture, art pieces, imported rugs, etc., in the same cargo as the rest.

Even if highly professional moving company staff assists you during your move, you must be very careful.

Better keep these things in the storage unit until you settle down in your house. Once everything is unpacked and settled, you can gradually move these items, ensuring their safety and preventing yourself from bearing agonizing losses.

2. Moving to a smaller house

Housing costs are skyrocketing. It is becoming challenging to afford a big house. Hence, people often go for a smaller one when they intend to change their homes.

Cities like Nashville are among the places where housing cost is rising steeply. More people are opting for Nashville storage units to keep safe everything they don’t need frequently. Renting a storage unit is much more affordable than renting a bigger house or buying a new one.

Often these storage units are temperature controlled. As a result, their belongings remain safe from the impact of extreme weather (hot and cold, humidity, etc.).

3. Downsizing due to a changed lifestyle

In some cases, you might be downsizing not because of the higher housing costs but because your lifestyle is changing. Your kids might be establishing their own houses, moving abroad for studies, or going to other cities for jobs or other purposes.

When this happens, a bigger house becomes very difficult to manage, and you prefer to stay in a smaller house. But since you cannot discard everything, keeping your stuff in a storage unit seems like a good idea. This way, you can save things that have memories of your kids and past life attached to them.

4. Renovating your place

You might be temporarily moving to another house due to the renovation of your current home.

It is not wise to take everything with you to a temporary abode. So, when moving to a temporary place, you must only take the basic stuff such. The rest must be kept in the storage unit.

5. You want to start packing early

Renting a storage unit when moving helps when you want to start packing early. You can pack stuff you don’t frequently use in the house and keep it in a storage unit until the final moving day comes.

Removing packed boxes out of the way will give you an idea about things that must be packed and the progress you have made so far.

During this process, you can also separate things that are useless for you and must not be taken to your new house.

You can pile up all the unwanted stuff and send it off to a donation center or sell it by organizing an evening yard sale. Both are prudent and efficient ways to get rid of unwanted stuff.

6. You want to unpack gradually

It makes perfect sense that you don’t want to take everything to your new house in one go and unpack at once. If you unpack and settle down gradually, you will have time to clean your house, plan how you will arrange everything, and decorate your home.

Keeping everything but the basics in the storage unit takes the worry of managing everything off your mind. Depending on your ease, you can take from a few days to a few weeks to completely settle.

7. Your new house needs some renovation

Quite possible is that the house you are moving to needs some renovation. Therefore, you cannot take all your stuff to the new place at once. Only the stuff that belongs to the functional area of the house must be moved.

For instance, if your kids’ playroom is under renovation, you will have to keep this room’s contents in the storage unit. Or, if you are planning to knock down a few walls and merge the dining room with the kitchen, the furniture, décor, rugs, etc., of the dining room will be kept in storage temporarily.

8. Show your house to the prospective buyers

We all accumulate stuff in the house— it is natural to add more things during the time we live in a place. But it is also true that often we have a lot of unwanted stuff, especially in areas such as lofts, basements, or backyards.

But when showing your house to prospective buyers, you would want to leave a good impression on them. If your house is jam-packed with furniture and other stuff, the buyers may get distracted and fail to picture themselves living in your place in the future. Hence, as much as possible, take the extra stuff out and keep it in the storage unit.

Decluttering your house this way will make it look spacious and inviting to visitors, who may be more eager to buy your house.


Moving is stressful and becomes even more daunting if you have so much stuff to pack and unpack. Besides, the moving company charges according to the things they must pack and load.

If you declutter your house by packing some stuff and sending it to storage, you can reduce your moving expense. In addition, having less clutter in the house makes it more attractive to buyers too.

Hope this article is of great help to you.