8 Delicious Vegetables to Grow in your Aquaponics System

The process of farming has more or less been the same for many years. When the topic of gardening or farming starts, one of the first thoughts that come to mind is to grow crops in soil. A huge evolution in technology and farming equipment has evolved today, but the basic concept of farming remains the same. However, with the presence of the internet and the help of education, there is a growing trend among nature lovers and farmers to take up different methods. One such method among the many knowns is that of the aquaponics system. 

Leaving behind the traditional method of growing food, this aquaponics system is unique in its own. It has become a new frontier to grow crops efficiently and has successfully mastered to become the greatest potential. It is a process where you do not require doing much hard work once it is installed successfully. You can reap major benefits and enjoy the luxury of growing plants in a 100% organic way. There is an elimination in the usage of chemicals and other unwanted substances that are commonly found practiced in other forms of farming. 

The Working of an Aquaponics System

This is a revolutionary method to grow plants as well as fish farming. What makes this system one of a kind is that fish play a vital role in the complete system to grow crops too. The farming of fish and growing plants take place within this one system. It offers both the species the ability to benefit each other without the use of additional resources. To get exceptional results, you should do a study about the types of fish and vegetables to harvest together and receive the best results. 

A wide range of vegetables and other plants can be added to this system including vegetables, fruits, aquatic plants, and ornamental plants. In short, you can actually plan to grow the common types of vegetables ranging from lettuce and cabbage to chili peppers and kale. However, it is not recommendable to go for the root vegetables such as onions, potatoes, garlic, and so on. These categories of vegetables demand soil to grow and while there is a possibility to grow them, it can also be tricky. 

8 Best Aquaponics Plants to Grow

As mentioned above, you can grow a wide variety of plants in your aquaponics system. This form of sustainable gardening is what people should start to pick up in order to eat tastily and live healthily. To start with, here’s a list of the eight best vegetables that you can grow: 

  1. Lettuce: An essential ingredient in salads and the juicy burgers you enjoy, you can easily grow lettuce in your aquaponics system. It can be grown in all sizes of the system and more importantly, it requires very little maintenance. This should plant definitely be on your list when you start your garden.
  1. Cucumber: Another essential ingredient and a fruit loved by all, cucumbers are known for their refreshing taste. It can be enjoyed in your salads or even to cool yourself during summers. Cucumbers come in many shapes and sizes and you can choose your preferred type to grow without hassle.
  1. Lavender: Now, who doesn’t love the fragrance of this beautiful plant which is known for its remarkable health benefits. This aromatic herb can be a little tricky to grow because it requires a solid drainage system and overwatering can lead to root rotting. However, with a little research to grow the same, you can enjoy its wide benefits that range from eliminating stress to making natural essential oils.
  1. Kale: For every health enthusiast out there, kale plays a significant role in your life! The best news is that you can also easily grow kale in your aquaponics garden and pluck them fresh for your morning juices. You can select from its many variants and enjoy the endless benefits it has in store for you.
  1. Spinach: Grow this Popeye’s favorite right in your garden without the need to maintain it much. Also a superfood, spinach is known for a rich source of minerals and vitamins. It is also low in calories which makes it an ideal food item for all. While growing spinach is no much headache, you should however be careful not to grow it under too much heat. Doing so may lead the spinach to bolt and hence, taste bitter.
  1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes are widely used to prepare dishes of different kinds. Be it pizza or a simple curry, including tomatoes enhances the taste and gives it that slightly tangy taste. You can grow juicy red tomatoes right in your home in this system and use them as and when you like.
  1. Thyme: This herb is popular not only for its culinary benefits but also to provide relief to a number of health concerns. It is used to cure arthritis, diarrhea, gastric, sore throat, cough, and also several skin infections. Additionally, thyme is also popularly used in the form of essential oils.
  1. Coriander: Garnishing your dishes with a few leaves of coriander offers a dramatic result. This makes it one of the staple ingredients and is used widely by people across the globe. Additionally, it also comes with major health benefits such as lowering blood sugar levels, protecting the skin, develop brain health, and boost the immune system.

 These are just a few of the common fruits and vegetables that you can easily grow in your aquaponics system. You can also grow okra, squash, melons, mint, parsley, strawberries, collard greens, fennel, Brussel sprouts, Swiss Chard, and corn among the many. However, you must ensure that you take all the necessary measures to grow each of these plants. If you have decided to start your aquaponics system, ensure that you do your research well and also speak to an expert from the field. This way, you will be assured of taking the right steps one after the other and avoid unnecessary inconveniences along the way.