8 Challenges of Living in a Small Apartment

Living in a metropolitan city is a dream that ensures better economic opportunities for settlers while also providing diverse leisure and social activism options. But limited space in cities has changed housing options for every citizen, especially in the United States. Affording rent on a spacious house is almost impossible for blue-collar workers. That’s why small apartments become the prime choice for most residents due to lower rents and minimal options.

While living in a studio or two-bedroom apartment has perks, it also comes with many challenges that you have to counter with your inner genius and domestic management options. Let’s see eight common challenges of small apartment dwelling and their time-tested solutions.

Let’s begin!

1. Non-Existent Storage Space

Buying a lot of stuff is a common habit of people of all ages that creates a unique problem in a studio or small apartment. Where to store stuff? Everything becomes occupied with essential household accessories. You cannot even buy a furniture item because it’ll eat out all the moving space that you have. Plus, you have to donate your year’s old dresses because you cannot put more under the bed, and cupboards have no space left.

Well, you don’t have to worry about such a problem because storage solutions let you have a private storage space at your discretion with nominal rents. If you’re in Louisiana, Shreveport storage units might serve you well, and you’ll thank yourself for choosing them.

2. No Entryway

Moving from a house to an apartment reminds you of many liberties you enjoy in a completely built house. For example, you have corridors, balconies, and entryways to give you small pleasures of life. Especially in an apartment, you open the door, and that’s it. You have no entryway. So, where can you leave your keys, coats, and other stuff you efficiently manage in a house? Quite displeasing, isn’t it?

But modern problems have modern solutions if you improvise a little bit. Place a mirror right next to your apartment door with a shelf. It’ll be aesthetically pleasing and solve your item management problems.

3. No Separators

Privacy becomes extremely challenging when two or more people live in a studio apartment. No one can stop nature calls, and everyone has to bear many awkward situations every day. Also, you cannot feel the joy of an empty room when you need it due to such constraints. Yes, it is an urgent problem that needs to be solved at any cost. Otherwise, life can become a comedy scene now and then.

Well, you have to use curtains and separators to mark the territory and enjoy your rightful freedom. Doing so should be a priority if you share a room with another person.

4. No Space for Tables

While putting beds and other stuff inside your apartment, the space becomes too little that you cannot put a chair and table to create your workspace. Yes, you have to make tough choices between moving through your apartment or having a standard table and a chair for your personal use. But easy solutions are there. You can use a nightstand right beside your bed as a workspace or fix a fold-down table on your wall and use a stool to create a workspace.

5. No Storage Furniture Besides Your Bed

You have to use and put a lot of stuff near your bed, such as goggles, chargers, lotions, pens, and much more similar stuff. Yet, your apartment room will never allow you to have full-fledge storage furniture that also has drawers to keep your stuff safe and organized. But you can use plywood pieces attached to the wall. It won’t take much space but serve your storage purpose of little things very well.

6. No Garden

Staying near plants gives you pleasant feelings and peace of mind. But apartments are always too far away from the greenery that you cannot fulfill such needs. Yes, you can put some plants inside your apartment for amusement. But it’ll never satisfy you as a garden does. Yet, it will be refreshing to improvise and put as many plants in your apartment by using DIY garden hacks from the internet. Also, if you have a balcony, it’ll serve you as a compact space for a miniature garden for you. So, use your terrace to satisfy your horticultural needs as much as you can.

7. Absent Closets

Most apartments have only one closet or two that do not cover your dress storage needs. You have to put off-season clothing away and wear the in-season dresses. But your sofa will be ridden with your clothes, and there will be things everywhere in your apartment laying disorganized. In such cases, you have to buy folding shelves and make use of the walls effectively. It’ll be the best way to organize your clothing in a tiny apartment.

8. Poor Lighting

Most apartments have dark corners that appear cramped and creepy to visitors and residents. Also, the sunlight does not enter directly from anywhere in rooms. Yet, you cannot use table lamps due to a shortage of space. But you can use overhead lighting options, along with mirrors that reflect light from brighter sides of your apartment. Try to use better lighting options. Otherwise, your apartment can be a miserable space to spend time in.


Life in an apartment poses great challenges for residents, such as insufficient storage space, bad lighting, absence of closets, shortage of space, and much more hurdles. But 90% of the time, renting an apartment is your only option. So, use the hacks mentioned above to create better living conditions in your apartment. Get going, and have a great day.