7 Utensils Everyone Should Have for a Tension Free Kitchen

Kitchen utensils are very useful when you have to work in the kitchen. Being a lady, I love to cook different kinds of food. As far as kitchen utensils are concerned, it is very tough to cook without proper utensils. In fact, it would have been so much hard to cook and prepare your everyday meal without these useful kitchen tools. Generation to generation, we have seen a continuous development concerning kitchen utensils.

You know who is the best friend of a lady; a well-equipped kitchen. When you have the right kitchen utensils, and you know how to use them, you can prepare and cook food easily. Kitchen utensils consist of different types such as the tools used to slice and chop meat, blend or cook and bake it. Today, I will tell you about some useful kitchen utensils that you need in your kitchen.

Top 7 Kitchen Utensils


1. Essence by Bröndbi® Stainless Steel & Silicone Kitchen Utensils

I was in need of utensils to meet my cooking requirements, but I was looking for high-quality durable and affordable utensils. I came across this set which is sustainable and useful. It consists of 5 pieces that are made with stainless steel handles and beautiful silicon heads.

You can hang these utensils by hanging loops. The five spoons provide a complete range of spoons including Spaghetti Server, Slotted Spatula, Spatula, Serving Spoon and Ladle. These are high-temperature-resistant and don’t produce scratches. What I liked the most about this set is that it is very easy to wash, and it helps to cover the hygiene aspect.

2. Ipow Stainless Steel Fine Tea Mesh Strainer Colander Sieve

I am a great admirer of this set of three strainers. I had purchased many low-quality strainers, and I have already wasted my money on these cheap products. But when I bought this set, all my problems concerning staining tea, coffee, sugar, flour or dry ingredients got solved.

Without any doubts, it is a multipurpose set. Whatever I prepare from tea, pasta to eggs, I use them daily. The smaller one helps me to strain the tea, the middle helps in general filtering, while the larger one is good for soup, pasta, tea, etc.

3. Update International Extra-Large

It is a perfect spatula with sharp bladed edges and a sturdy handle.  It works best on the griddle. I have used it to deal with food items like the burger, pancakes, eggs, or bacon, etc. The spatula is quite thick and long with a solid wooden handle. In addition to that, it works quite nicely as a knife. The sharp edges provide a thorough cutting, and I have used it to chop almost all kinds of food. All in all, it has solved all my chopping or cutting issues.

4. Paderno World Cuisine A4982799 Tri-Blade Plastic Spiral Vegetable Slicer

I love to cook vegetables and made different dishes from vegetables. Apart from that, my whole family loves to eat salads. My younger son always wants me to cook potato curly fries. Well, I have used some cutting and slicing appliances through the years, but no one was as compatible and useful as I found this one.

It has three types of blades that provide cutting solutions for several kinds of vegetables like onion, potato, radish, cucumber, carrots, kohlrabi, and even the apples. What I like the most about this appliance is that it saves me time during cooking. It is very easy to wash due to its plastic body.

5. DRAGONN Premium Top 10-piece Kitchen Tool Set

Every woman needs a wide variety of kitchen tools ranging from very basic to very specific tools. The DRAGONN Premium Top 10-piece Kitchen Tool Set provides multiple utilities regarding different types of cooking. From peeler to a pizza cutter, it had all the necessary tools to give my kitchen a professional look.

These are easy to grip and use. High-quality stainless steel cooking utensils with nonslip rubber handle enhance the overall utility of this set. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, so I was not worried at all about the durability of the set. However, I am using it, and I think it will serve me for the rest of my life.

6. StarPack Premium Silicone Kitchen Tongs 2 Pack

As far as the kitchen utensils are concerned, I usually prefer silicon tools as compared to metal tools. That was the prime reason; I purchased these tongs. The two different sizes increase the utility of the set.

I am now able to grip, pick or turn any food without any difficulty. In fact, these provide me with a solid grip, and I now feel ease and comfort while dealing with hot food in my kitchen. I have been using these tongs for a long period now and I can frankly say that these are the best tongs I have ever used.

7. iNeibo Kitchen Silicone Ladle

I was fed up with the entire steel and metal ladle, so I decided to choose a plastic ladle, but it just ruined my cooking. It left an odor and even the taste in my cooked food. In the end, I purchased this ladle. It is wonderfully heat resistant, and it does not leave any taste or smell in the cooked food. I have used it for very high temperatures, but it proved to be useful. It has a broad head to handle multiple items during the cooking. It is easy to wash and store.


In my opinion, everybody must use the right tools to perform a particular job in the kitchen. With the help of these useful tools, I can cook healthy food in my kitchen, and I don’t feel any burden of cooking. In fact, I am now enjoying my cooking with all these useful kitchen utensils.