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7 tips to save on household chores

How long it will spend a week to housework? Washing dishes, ironing, laundry, dusting … There is so much to do in a house that we could spend the whole day to have it pristine. Here are some tips so you can save time on cleaning your house and so disposition more free hours to do whatever you want. Lets talk about 7 tips to save on household chores.

Not obsessed with cleanliness

You always find something to clean or order? Obsessions are never good, so the best you can do is stop looking very closely every corner of the house looking for a motorcycle dust and go for a walk.

household chores

Try to maintain order

If we avoid having the house full of junk and try to maintain a semblance of order to win time when cleaning, we will more quickly and always have the house available for unexpected visit.

It is best to think of cold

To save time and have clean clothes before, think of cold! and when choosing your machine choose Eco Bubble . You’ll be able to wash clothes in just 59 minutes and choose programs with cold water to avoid damaging your most precious garments.

No one is cleaner cleaner but the least dirty

Stay with this phrase because the key is to try to be careful and try to mess to a minimum. When making food or dinner time try to be clean and then not leave the quagmire kitchen.

Not accumulate freegan

It is easier and faster to clean right after lunch, then add up the dishes in the sink and Who wants to be a scrub? We must be practical and then not go crazy with the fat removed to return to the fore the dishes.

One day a week general cleaning

And living with roommates, couple or family try to do a rotation of tasks and agree to clean yourselves while the different rooms of the house. Elegiac a day of the week There is work for everyone!