7 Styling Hacks to Make Your Home Look Posh

We imagine expensive wall art, elegant hardware, and complex-looking furniture when we think of lavish homes. You might want to spice up your home and have it look like it materialized from your favorite style magazine. However, your pockets might not be deep enough to let you live your dream. The good news is that you can still make your home look lavish without spending much money. Here are a few styling hacks to make your home look posh.

Repaint the ceiling and furniture

You can start by giving your ceiling a fresh new coat of paint to draw more attention and make the room brighter, especially if you have high ceilings. Also, give those furniture or cabinets that are chipping a facelift. A simple repaint can do the magic hiding any unsightly surfaces that are not visually appealing. It will certainly make your home look fresh.

Add elegant fixtures

Another full-proof way to make your home look posh is to switch out the doorknobs and cabinet handles to fixtures that are more modern and elegant. The same case applies to taps in your kitchen and bathrooms. If you are going for a warmer look, it would be best to add copper or brass hardware. However, shiny gold fixtures would be best if you want a more lavish look.

Display your unique tea set

Well, don’t keep your grandmother’s tea set tucked away in your cabinets. Bring out your favorite china or your unique tea set and display it over the fireplace in the dining room. This simple adjustment will make your house look posh at no extra cost. Another alternative is using antique utensils as wall art that will give your space a fancy look.

Add fresh flowers

Fragrant flowers can also add a finishing touch and fill your room with a sweet aroma. Flowers also brighten up the room and add a pop of color. Don’t be afraid to bring the outdoors inside to make your home look more elegant. You could decide to match your flowers with the color of your walls.

Elongate your drapes

Another trick to make your home look sophisticated is to hang your drapes from the highest point of your wall. Avoid stopping just above where your window makes the room look longer and draw the eye upwards. You could get custom window treatments to fit the size of your wall so that you won’t have to trim them yourself. It will certainly make your living space look fancy.

Play with colors

Instead of going for a monochromatic room, why not try color blocking to bring your home to life and make it look posher? You could start by matching the wall paint to your furniture and selecting a textured rug in a complementary color to put the room together. Well, color blocking is a cool trend that keeps your home from being too overwhelming.

Experiment with some bold accessories

Choose statement accessories that will make your room stand out rather than playing it safe and selecting accessories that blend in. For instance, you could hang a chandelier in the main room or hang a grand antique mirror in the entrance hallway. You could also opt for a gorgeous coffee table to make your living room look lavish.

Final remarks

We hope that this article has given you some helpful tips on transforming your living space into your dream home. Make some creative tweaks to turn your home into a fancy heaven without spending much!