7 Significant Signs of A Cheating Husband

Trust is the foundation of any strong relationship. When you marry someone, you promise to stay together in good and bad. However, when you are suspicious of your husband, that is when things go south.

It is said that when you are doubtful of your husband, the majority of the time, he must be cheating on you. Nevertheless, you need concrete indications and pieces of evidence to confront him. Here you will find 7 significant signs of a cheating husband.

Signs of A Cheating Husband: What to Look for?

Infidelity means to be unfaithful to a spouse. This is one of the most common causes of divorce. When a husband is cheating on his wife, this can negatively affect the wife’s emotional and mental health.

Catching your husband cheating on you can cause anxiety, depression, and lots of negativity. Even the suspicion period is filled with fear and insecurity. You go through many questions inside your mind and build a doubt on your ability to love and get affection. But remember that there are signs of a cheating husband that will ensure that you are not the one to blame.

Usually, when a husband is cheating, there are numerous signals and changes in behavior. These clues will assure you that your husband is unfaithful. Here are 7 of those common signs.

Improvement in Appearance

While looking good is fine, this can be a warning sign of a sudden change in your husband. Your husband may be a person who is foody and stays in his sweatpants more often than not. If you suddenly see him going to the gym and dressing up often for parties, you may have to look into the matter.

Secretive in Using Phone and Social Media

Couples sharing passwords of their social media accounts is a common thing. If your husband is suddenly deleting messages and clearing browsing history, something fishy is going on.

Men tend to be secretive with handing over their phones or laptop when they are cheating on you. These are clear signs of infidelity.

In addition, your husband may be avoiding your calls and messages more when he is out. You may hear excuses like he was in a meeting. But such frequent behavior can be really suspicious.

Frequency of Sexual Activities

Both more sex and less sex in a relationship are suspicious if the change happens all of a sudden. A high frequency of sex can be pleasuring. However, this can also indicate that your husband is trying to hide something.

Moreover, less sex means your husband is occupied with someone else other than you. The introduction of new techniques in sexual activities is another possible warning sign of infidelity.

Unexplained Credit Card Billings

A cheating husband will have more expenses than a faithful one. If you suddenly see unaccounted credit card bills and your husband has a false explanation, that is a clear warning that he is cheating on you.

Moreover, you may find your husband buying expensive gifts that do not reach you. These are clear signs of infidelity.

Faded Emotional Intimacy and Compatibility

If you are involved in a long-term marriage, the intensity is supposed to fade. However, being emotionally connected and having the feeling of a safe haven is not a temporary thing. Every now and then, you should be able to bond with your husband and rant about your days.

If things no longer make you feel connected emotionally and mentally with your husband, he must be occupied in something else. This could easily be another special person in his life.

Your Husband Has Become Violent and Hostile

A common trait of a cheating husband is that he will always try to hide his acts one way or the other. A common way of doing it is to blame things on you. For instance, he may end up claiming you do not give enough attention.

Moreover, he may blame you for the lack of sexual activities. Often these justifications take violent turns. There might be occasional and then frequent shouts, screams, and possible hitting. That is a clear sign of cheating, and it is a sure indication to leave the marriage.

A Deceitful and Advanced Cheater

Some husbands are clever and cunning in covering their tracks. One of their major traits is that they will continuously deceit you by doing your favorite things. Of course, you will enjoy and love the extra attention and affection your husband is showering you with.

However, too much of something is rarely a positive sign. If your husband is suddenly too caring and too aware of everything, it could be a clear sign of cheating.


Doubting your husband is never easy to accept. Such doubt of infidelity often leads to the suspicion becoming true. These 7 signs of a cheating husband will help you clear the suspicion and find out the truth. You can now take necessary action or can consult a lawyer for the divorce process.