7 Reasons People Install Decorative Garden Water Fountains

Have you been considering installing a water fountain in your garden? Maybe you have decided but are still not sure if installing one will be of any benefit to you.

There are so many advantages of installing a decorative water fountain, of which most are personal.

Reasons People Install Decorative Garden Water Fountains

Looking for reasons to install decorative garden water fountains in your space? Check out the following reason to get some inspiration:

They Are Easy To Maintain

Contrary to popular belief that water fountains are very costly to maintain, they are not. Apart from the fact that some come with specific maintenance instructions, there is nothing technical about maintaining fountains

You only need to ensure that it is regularly cleaned. Cleaning the fountain would ensure that you do not have to worry about algae build up. It would also prevent blocked outlets and allow the water to flow easily.

They Enhance the Garden’s Appearance

There are several types of fountains but if you choose the right one, there is no better way to enhance the appearance of your garden.

Garden owners install fountains in their gardens so they do not look boring. A garden is supposed to give off this tranquil feeling, not a boring one. A fountain does just that, it adds life and tranquility to it.

So from afar glance, people love that it looks nice and getting closer to it, they realize that it exudes such calmness.

They Are Natural Habitats for Fishes

If you have ever wanted to own little fishes as pets, you can choose to make your fountain their home. Although, this would mean that you need to clean the water daily as fishes need clean water to survive.

Also, if you have animals such as dogs in the house, it might be a bad idea to keep fishes as pets too because they could be killed by the dogs. Otherwise, ensure that they have daily access to clean water and food.

They Attract Wildlife

If you are a fan of wildlife, you might already know that they love being where water is. If your fountain is located at a good and open spot in your garden, just wait for a little while and you will have wildlife flocking in.

If you are not a fan of wildlife and you are worried that the water will draw them to your garden, this is no problem as well. Just install it in an area with less plant life.

They Make Gardens Look Bigger

How does a water fountain make a garden look bigger? For starters, water reflects anything around it. When there are a lot of movements in the water and they are all reflecting, there is maximum reflection. Maximum reflection causes the whole area where the fountain is located to look bigger, which in turn influences how the garden looks.

If you like the idea of maximum reflection, here are other things you could add to your fountain: You could add different shapes and colors of underwater lighting so it glows at nighttime. Also, you could add eco lights. These lights charge up with the sunlight during the daytime so that they can light up at night.

Do you know that there are musical fountains and that they also have underwater lighting? No? Click here to find out more.

They Provide Cooling Effect on Hot Days

Sometimes, the weather can get really hot and you need a place to cool outdoors. Having a fountain in your garden will create a cooler environment for you to sit and relax outdoors. It is even cooler if the water is clean.

They Create Serenity

We know how busy the city can be. Although sometimes, it is just your neighborhood being noisy.

However, if you need that place where you can go to just to clear your mind and think peacefully, fountains are one of the best places to relax and forget the worries of the world for a few minutes.

They are also the best places to reconnect with nature, especially if you want some me-time.

Factors to Consider Before Installing a Decorative Garden Water Fountain

Do the above reasons appeal to you? Are you beginning to imagine what a fountain would look like in your garden? Here is a list of things you’ll need to do if you are considering installing one:

Know the Different Fountain Types

If you have no idea the different types of fountains there are, you could look it up on the net. There are so many fountain types. However, one important thing to consider while choosing this is space. Is the available space large enough? Or are you going to have to go for a smaller type?

Know the Different Materials Used

There are different fountain materials used in making fountains. While some are porous and cannot withstand winter seasons, others are very strong, promise durability, and can withstand any weather.

Hence, the temperature of the climate where you live affects your choice. If you live in an environment with a cold climate, consider strong, durable materials. If you live in an environment with a warm climate, anyone will do.

You might want to check out other factors to consider when choosing a water fountain here https://www.conboca.org/factors-consider-setting-garden-fountain/ to avoid regrets later.


Now that you’ve read what some owners have to say about why they installed fountains, we hope that you are now convinced about installing one in your space.

However, if you do not find the reasons above to be very assuring – especially because it is your time and money that will be going into the installation – you can speak with your neighbors or garden owners that have fountains installed. Who knows? You may find more reasons to get one in your space when you speak to them.

And when you finally decide to get one, remember to consider the factors we have listed to avoid possible regrets during and after the installation.