7 Pro Tips For How To Protect Your Move

Moving from a new house to another is stressful irrespective of the joy of the move. 

It is a task that needs proper and careful planning. From ensuring that you’ve packed all your belongings before the move day to being confident and ascertained that your belongings will be safe and properly secured during the move. 

The fear of losing any of your valuable belongings can be a constraint but here I am with 7 pro tips on how to protect your move. 

Carefully Select Your Mover 

The first step you need to take is to ensure that the moving company you are hiring is not just anyone. To avoid moving scams and rogue movers, find out about the company’s reputation.

Ensure the company to hire is properly licensed by the United States Department of Transportation in the instance of interstate moving. While local movers must be licensed by the state they are in. To know if a moving company is properly licensed, check here for more information.

Valuation Coverage 

For an interstate move, the moving company is expected to offer you two types of liability coverage which are full valued protection and released value. 

Under full valued protection, your mover is liable for the replacement of any lost or damaged belongings. If any of your possession is damaged, destroyed, or lost when in care of your mover, the moving company is liable to do either of these three:

  • Repair the item 
  • Replace with a similar one 
  • Make a cash settlement for the repair or the market value of the item. 

Under Released Value protection, the moving company is liable to pay only 60 cents per pound of any damaged, destroyed, or lost items. Its protection is minimal as it offers no additional cost. 

You can read more on valuation coverage from here


First thing first, the protection of your valuables against spoilage or theft should be your utmost concern. Apart from valuation coverage, you also have the option to purchase insurance coverage from any third-party insurance company of your choice. 

Make sure the insurance company is reputable enough to cater to any loss. You might need to check your homeowner’s insurance policy if you are already covered by the same before purchasing another insurance. 

Record Your Items 

To avoid unnecessarily bickering and hassle, endeavors to make a list of each of your items while also taking their pictures. 

This way, you will be able to identify missing items, and even if you need to file a case, having the pictures of missing items handy will make your case look plausible. 

Using The Correct Boxes 

One thing you must ensure before hiring a moving company St. George Utah is to secure your belongings in the right boxes, fitted and properly clamped. This way you will ensure the safety of your belongings while moving. 

Make sure you use sturdy and solid boxes to prevents damages. 

Use Paddling 

One of the surest ways to avoid damages to your fragile valuables while moving is to use paddling. You may think they are secure in the boxes they are but they are not. For your electronics, family mementos, chinaware, fragile items, going the extra length to secure these items can never be wrong. 


You must prepare well before the day. While you may hire the service of a professional mover, it is in your best interest to pack all your belongings as carefully and safely as possible. Use correct protective materials to guide against damages to your items. 

Lastly, look out for red flags from the moving company, some of these fed flags are if the mover doesn’t agree to online inspections, did not provide you with written estimates, refuses to provide you with a copy of your Rights and Responsibilities, and if the mover requires for large cash or deposits upfront.