7 Creative DIY Bridesmaid Invitations

Your man finally popped the big question and your answer was “Yes!” Now is the time to start to plan the wedding that you’ve been dreaming of all your life and you’ll need some help from your besties. Now it is your turn to pop the equally important question to your best friends, which is “Will you be my DIY bridesmaid?” They will not only stand by you at the altar, but they will help make everything absolutely perfect until you get there. Bridesmaids are a real life saver for the brides-to-be, so it is only fair to invite them in a manner suited for such an important role in the wedding. And that doesn’t mean it that the invite should be boring. Here are 7 fun and creative invitations that will make your bridesmaids definitely say “Yes”.diy bridesmaid


Message In A Bottle

In this age of e-mails and text messaging, handwritten notes are becoming more personal then ever before. So, your best friend will most definitely be surprised and touched when she gets this romantic mini message in a bottle bridesmaid invitation.

Paper Doll Bridesmaid Card

Bridesmaids stand next to you on your big day, but they also help each other out. Transfer that unity and support in your invitation, by making these hand-holding paper bridesmaid dolls that you can easily customize to look like your bridesmaids would on your wedding.

“Be My Bridesmaid” Cupcake In A Jar

Here is a delicious way to give a DIY bridesmaid invitation to your special friend with a sweet tooth. A lovely and simple to make cupcake in a jar with a cute label is sometimes more then enough to get a smile and a “yes” answer from your friend.

Bridesmaid Jewelry Gift Set

Maybe you think that a simple invitation isn’t enough and you wish to give your bridesmaids-to-be something extra, like a pair of earrings or nailpolish that will match their gowns. If so, here is how you can make a lovely pouch for your bridesmaid jewelry gift set.

“Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” Gift Box

For a neater way to make a invitation and gift combo for your bridesmaids, try making this interesting “Will you be my bridesmaid?” gift box. With the note and some meaningful and personal trinkets, you will have a splendid bridesmaid invitation.

Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes

With a piece of felt, embroidery hoop and some thread, you can make this darling invitation that truly shows how much you appreciate your bridesmaids. And you don’t even have to be good at embroidering to make this proposal box look good.

Will You Be My DIY bridesmaid?

He went down on one knee, took out the ringbox, opened it and popped the question: Will you marry me? You don’t have to go down on one knee, but you can do the rest with your bridesmaids when you pop your important question with a fun DIY ring in your hand.