6 Ways You Can Keep Your Cat Entertained And Happy

Unlike their pooch friends, felines don’t feel it a necessity to step outside the house. Not to say that it is not important for their health, but simply because indoor activities can keep them stimulated.

So, what are these ways that can help keep your cat entertained indoors?

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Note: Kittens that are petted indoors are more likely to be happy within the familiar surroundings as they grow up.

Provide A Screened Porch

Not stepping outside does not have to mean that your cat cannot experience the outdoors.

Studies reveal that visual exposure to open spaces can benefit the felines with their behavior and well-being.

Yes, that’s true.

So, what you can do is create a screened porch for your cat. Or you can also buy a “catio” (patio for cats) or any similar enclosure.

It should allow your cat to sit and gaze at the outdoors comfortably without actually having to step out of the house.

In case you are going to take your cat friend out in your backyard, ensure that you have specialized fences.


Well, you probably are capable of caring for your pet, but you certainly cannot guarantee stray animals. In other words, regular fences may not keep other animals away, and who knows, some might attack your dear pet.

Besides, you should also ensure that there are no toxic plants in your yard, as cats are notorious creatures who like to play with almost anything. And yes, plants too.

Get Her A Friend

Well, it is certainly not possible that you’ll be able to attend to your feline friend all the time. So, why not get her someone she can spend her time with.

Yes, we are referring to another feline in the home.

Adopting another cat can be the perfect solution for your kitty to spend her time playing and scratching things around.

Besides, there can be instances when you might have to leave your kitty behind at home.

Having a feline friend to spend time with can be the best opportunity for your kitty to escape boredom.

But, here’s a catch – before you adopt another pet, make sure you’re ready for it.

Of course, petting another feline is a huge responsibility. So, if you’re struggling to care for your first kitty, we recommend you don’t go for another.

Schedule Some Play Time

Cats are naturally notorious creatures, as mentioned already. And for this reason, they crave some playtime.

But, perhaps cats are not like pooches who are more active players; you might have to come up with something different. For instance, you can get some cat toys, such as stuffed rabbits or softballs with jingles. Such toys can keep your kitty occupied and will surely help serve them as wonderful playtime nicks.

In practice, you should schedule a dedicated time every day to play with your furball. Not to mention, trying different toys will keep up the enthusiasm.

Here’s a secret- cats tend to get bored with routines.

So, be sure to switch the toys to keep the playtime interesting for your kitty.

Also, remember to store away the toys after playtime, especially the ones that may be harmful when unsupervised. For example, toys with strings or threads are common hazards to feline pets. They may entangle in the strings and harm themselves.

And, when you’re not around, you can leave out soft toys such as the stuffed ones or paper bags to keep your kitty entertained.

Get A Kitty Condo

Well, you must have watched it in several cartoon series and movies and may admire it too. Maybe it is one of the reasons why you adopted a feline in the first place.

Yes, we are referring to kittens and their affinity for climbing and scratching trees.

But, you don’t necessarily have to take out your kitty to enjoy their tree jumps.

Perhaps, you could get one for your living room or your kitty-corner.

Buy a ready-made cat tree, also known as a kitty condo, from the market. (You can also DIY one.)

Typically, these trees are short to fit into your indoor space. But, they are surely a treat for your furry friend.

Let them climb on the tree, rest on it, and enjoy the vertical space.

Get Some Cardboard Boxes

There’s no denying that these mischievous creatures love boxes.

They love to scratch it, bounce in and out of it, use it a sled, or sometimes a fortress, and much more.

Regardless, adding some cardboard boxes would also serve your pet as their private corner in the house.

They can hop in, rest and nap, and even play with themselves within the confinements whenever they like.

And believe us, they like it a lot.

Besides, to your surprise, cardboard boxes pose little to no threat to your kitty friend.

But, yes, they are fragile and can break apart easily.

So, make sure you get a bunch of them for your kitty friend. And never let them miss out on the box fun.

Buy Some Cat-Friendly Gadgets

Well, this one’s certainly not so budget-friendly. But who said we were going to stick to a budget, anyway?

Nonetheless, if your budget permits, you can get some cat-friendly gadgets to keep them engaged and entertained.

For instance, you can buy a cat TV, or you can even get an artificial fish tank.

These gadgets would ensure that your kitty friend is occupied and entertained, even when you’re not around. An automatic water fountain for your cat is a great investment.

And the best part is, you can operate and control them remotely.

To take the experience further, you can even get some automatic or pre-programmable feeders and dispensers. It would ensure that your cat is well-fed and provided with water to drink when you’re not around.

All in all, these gadgets should free you from the worries of caring for your friend when you’re not available to pet them.

The Final Note

Kitties are fabulous creatures and somewhat demanding friends. But that’s indeed the reason why many people like to adopt felines.

Nonetheless, adopting and caring for one are two different stories. Caring for a demanding friend is easier said than done. But, with intuitive ideas and some thoughtful preparations, you can easily come out of these troubles.

We hope that the ideas mentioned above have helped you with your problem.

Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below and let us know your experience.