Painting Houses

6 reasons to decorate with white color

White color actually represents no color. But decoration is used as a color more. Thanks to being a color that blends perfectly with the other colors, is one of the most used in any of the rooms in the house colors. It is also the perfect time to help give an impression of light and spaciousness color. Do not miss the following examples of decoration and commitment to decorate the white color.


Different uses of white in the decor:

Illuminate the entrance of a house

In this case it was decided to paint both the door frames and the doors of white color for a hall or foyer much brighter. In addition, to help bring more light, they have also painted the walls a light green.

Achieve a bright and romantic bedroom

This time, it was decided to use white as the protagonist of stay color. Thank the large presence of white color, it has achieved a fully bright bedroom plus also helps the bedroom has a romantic touch.

Get a bright, modern bathroom

in most homes, the bathroom is often one of the most difficult to decorate areas. If we have a small, dimly lit bathroom, a very practical option is to fill it with light thanks to white. In addition, he will feel clean and make it much more warm and friendly.

Strike a warm and bright living

environment we want to achieve in the classroom is one of the most important things. In this case, a warm and bright living and thanks to white walls and some furniture is sought has been achieved the desired style and atmosphere.

A more modern and contemporary kitchen

A kitchen can update and modernize without making great works. Here we show how to give more feeling of space and light thanks to white. The most important changes have been painted white furniture, tiles in black and a new more modern floor.

White color for bedding

If we use a bright color such as orange to decorate some of the walls, we should be careful when choosing the other colors. In this case, besides the earth colors like brown, which combine perfectly, has chosen white linen color that helps to give more light and a period of calm to the bedroom.

Linen white

One bedroom in shades of gray on the walls can be a bit sad and dark. Therefore, to bring a touch of light to the bedroom, it has used linen white. So, thanks to the white color of the linen and the colorful headboard, a modern and cozy bedroom is achieved.