6 Benefits of Enrolling Your Babies at Long Daycare Kindergarten

While parents love being there for kids, they’re often restricted by the overwhelming monthly bills. Thus, some parents take two or more jobs to cover these bills, cancelling the possibility of spending more time with their babies and personally caring for them.

That’s where long daycare becomes a necessity. Long daycare kindergarten has many benefits for your babies, including economic, social, and academic advantages. So while you may not be available for your babies like you’d want to, rest assured that they’re in good hands.

Studies have shown that kids below four years benefit significantly from a community kindergarten environment, including quality instruction, structure, and social lessons.

Perhaps you’re asking, what is a community kindergarten? It simply means a kindergarten built and run by the community with sponsorships from the residents.

The following are six benefits of enrolling your kids into a long day care kindergarten.

Fee Assistance

With the community kindergarten, you don’t have to worry about paying daycare fees. If you register your child for a privately-run daycare, you can access the Child Care Subsidy (CCS) by the Australian government to help pay for out-of-pocket child care costs.

Both long daycare and traditional kindergartens can provide government-approved kindergarten services.

Ask a professional if you need to learn more about day care torquay.

Nourishing Meals

Nutritious, well-balanced, and healthy meals will positively impact your kids learning and development. Hence, most long day care Kindergartens offer snacks and meals, including morning tea, breakfast, afternoon snack and tea, and lunch. However, while these meals have got to meet nutritional guidelines, daycare centres have different food quality they offer.

A healthy, well-rounded meal is crucial to your kid’s physical and cognitive growth, so ensure to choose a long daycare that places maximum attention on the fresh and age-appropriate meals that improve your babies’ minds and bodies.

Time With Peers

Parents love play dates between their kids and friends or neighbours’ children. Long daycare interaction is an extended version of playdates. However, kids spend time with one another in a structured, safe, and supervised environment.

In Upper Mt Gravatt kindergarten and other daycare centres, kids learn how to share, play, learn together, and problem-solve while developing their minds and allowing their personalities to emerge.


Long daycare helps children develop friendships, social and cognitive abilities and form important language. In addition, when children move from one room to another as they grow, they create and solidify their friendships.

Babies attending long daycare kindergarten will stay in the same premises from infancy till they reach school age. They’ll also develop self-help and social skills through play-based learning.

Academic Advancement

Experts believe that children with higher academic and cognitive achievement scores spent time in high-quality long day care kindergarten programs. High-quality kindergarten facilities are those that deliver extensive interaction with support, care providers, and cognitive-boosting activities.

Interaction With Other Adults

Babies learn about adults primarily from their parents and other senior family members. In Upper Mount Gravatt kindergarten, kids are provided with the opportunity of seeing other adults as authority figures and mentors providing positive guidance.

High-quality daycare is connected to quality caregiving. Therefore, adult care providers must encourage, respond to the kids’ vocalization, discourage negative interactions, and show positive attitudes in the daycare environment.

Final Words

Long daycare kindergarten offers a nurturing, safe, and secure learning environment that promotes your child’s development. Now that you’ve discovered the numerous benefits of enrolling your babies in one, you don’t have to feel guilty about spending less time with them.  Remember, the bills won’t pay themselves.

If you’re in Queensland or other parts of Australia, check the Lady Gowrie website to discover community kindergartens and other long daycare centres to help nurture your kids academically and cognitively.

Lady Gowrie is a nonprofit organization that focuses on building a solid foundation in early childhood education in Australia.