5 Ways to Style Maternity Dresses

For many women, becoming pregnant is one of the most amazing times in their life. But equally, being pregnant means you have a growing belly!

And with that growing belly means that your normal wardrobe likely no longer fits you like it used to. So for the rest of your pregnancy journey, you will get to have fun getting creative with your outfits so that you can remain comfortable and stylish at the same time. After all, you want to make the most of that natural pregnancy glow too!

Women have gotten extremely creative when it comes to embracing their maternity wardrobes. Especially because being pregnant means, you get to equally get creative with the style guidelines for what works and what does not. While many women envision themselves being able to dress to the nines when pregnant and still embrace those skin-tight clothes, you will likely discover that at the end of the day all you want to feel is a bit of comfort.

There are many preconceived notions that the baby bump will require an entirely new wardrobe. But the truth is, all you need is some key pieces from a maternity dress collection and open-mindedness to bend the style rules and flaunt your new and enhanced curves.

Regardless of the swollen feet, growing belly and constant cravings, you can still look gorgeous in a maternity dress. To help you create the ultimate go-to looks for the rest of your pregnancy, we have tapped into the style experts to share their tips on how to style maternity dresses. Here are the top five tips for you to consider when it comes to completing your comfortable pregnancy wardrobe.

1. Keep It Basic

One of the most important tips for styling your maternity dress is to keep it basic and don’t go skin-tight. As your body evolves throughout the months, your dress will likely fit you different at month two versus month nine. So, when you first go ahead and buy your maternity dress, go for a bit larger of a size so there is still room to grow into it.

Then, of course, you will want to also factor in the layers. Keeping the dress itself basic and loose will allow you to layer up if needed. This is important, as your natural body heat will likely be very different as your trimester progress. So keeping it basic will allow you to either get access to natural airflow or bundle up to keep from getting cold.

2. Find Existing Bump-Friendly Clothes

Chances are you probably already have some pieces in your wardrobe that are also bump-friendly. This will allow you to not have to spend a fortune on a maternity wardrobe, and instead utilize existing pieces you already have.

For example, you may already have an oversized sweater that pairs perfectly with your new maternity dress. This will give you that classic fall or winter style that is both cute and comfortable for you to wear. Or, you may be able to utilize one of your partner’s button-down shirts to layer over your dress. This will allow you to hone in those preppy springtime vibes, bump and all.

One of the best pieces of advice is to actually do some shopping in your own wardrobe first to assess what you already own. That way it will make it much easier to go out shopping for a new maternity dress with outfit ideas already in mind.

3. Layer Up with a Trench

If you are one of those women who actually want to hide their baby bump—which, it is totally okay if you are—then you should take inspiration from many celebrities who equally use some baby bump hiding techniques through various styles.

One of the best ways to hide your baby bump under your maternity dress is to layer it with a trench coat. The natural layers of the trench coat will instantly smooth out that bump you are wanting to keep under wraps. This is one of the top tips from celebrity stylists who need to find creative ways to keep the baby news on the down low for their clients. And we guarantee if it works for them, it will work for you too!

4. Keep the Footwear Comfy

Alright, so you may need to re-consider those high heels for the time being. As pregnancy progresses, you will likely be dealing with swollen ankles and feet. But one of the best ways to style your maternity dress is actually with sneakers.

The sneaker dress combo works whether you are pregnant or not, so why not embrace it fully for this special time in your life? In general, the flatter and more supportive the shoe, the better. But to really complete a casual maternity dress look, full-on sneakers are the way to go.

5. Stylize with a Belt

Your body needs extra support while growing a baby. So one of the most practical accessories to use with your maternity dress is to use a pregnancy belt. Practical because it can literally save your back and is stylish because it ultimately lifts the look of any maternity dress.

In fact, the belt and maternity dress combo is one of the best options for when it comes to an outfit that is as stylish as it is supportive. This is an obvious go-to for the pregnant women that still need to show up to work looking professional, but equally craving comfort.


In general, there are plenty of ways to keep up your style while pregnant. The maternity dress is one of the best staples for supporting your style through this special time in your life.

These five style tips will help ensure that you do not have to spend a fortune on new clothes, will provide you with functional support and comfort while equally ensuring you rock your own style with a baby bump.

With so many different looks to embrace while pregnant, what maternity dress combo will you be going for?