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5 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

When you care about staying at home to take care of your children rather than pursuing a traditional career, that doesn’t mean the end of the ability to earn money. With the advent of online opportunities to use your computer or mobile device in different ways, it is possible to make money away from an office environment without a sizable investment to get started.

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It does depend on the tasks and the difficulty level, which often determines the rate of pay. Some online opportunities pay promptly, whereas others take one month or longer to pay out.

Here are five ways to make money without a job:

1. Run a Blog

Blogging is a great little tool for moms who are staying at home with young kids or babies. That spare 10 minutes when the baby is sleeping and between feeding times is a chance to generate some fresh ideas for a blog post. When the kids are out at school, this is a prime time to write up a couple of blog posts reviewing a product or providing a “How To” guide for young mothers.

Blogs generate income through affiliate commissions from reviews and sales of the products being reviewed, through paid advertising, and a few other lucrative methods that add up over time.

2. Write a Book

A Kindle book to be published on Amazon doesn’t have to be much more than 8,000 words. Even if you only have half an hour spare per day, you can put together a Kindle book in just a few weeks. Writing a book doesn’t have to be daunting; think of each chapter as just a series of blog posts and produce one each week or each day. Choose the pace that suits your schedule and you’ll have a completed book in no time at all.

3. Complete Surveys That Match Your Profile

Completing online surveys can be an easy and simple way to make a few dollars for every survey completed. Survey Junkie is one survey organization that can be joined using a simple sign-up form and then they send out emails when a survey comes up that may suit you. Unlike some other survey companies, there is no fixed quota to achieve in order to get paid or stay enrolled in the program.

4. Babysitting

If you think about it, there are probably many neighbors who have young kids who would enjoy a night out with their partner, but feel held back by the fact that they have young children in the house. You would be surprised how much a couple would happily pay to get their freedom for an evening to go out dancing, to see a movie or go to a fancy restaurant.

It is also possible to use an app like UrbanSitter where you can list yourself as a babysitter in the local area and be selected by parents who want to secure their date night. The app runs on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

5. Uber

Another flexible way to generate additional income is to become a driver for Uber. You can sign up to the mobile app and decide when you have a spare hour to go pick up a passenger, take them to their destination, and return home again. This kind of flexibility is ideal for mothers who have the kids in kindergarten or school for a few hours and can get out of the house. The change of scene and adult interaction will probably be a refreshing change too.

It used to be more difficult to make money while spending time at home and not hold down a regular job. However, there are now many more flexible options for people with schedules that aren’t fixed.