5 Trendy Types of Apple Watch Bands: Loop Band, Buckle, Cuff, and More

Unlike ordinary watches, an Apple Watch can be paired with a range of bands to improve its appearance and usage. From classic leather buckle to sports Apple Watch loop band and Milanese loop, there are plenty of options that may confuse buyers. Which should you choose for your smartwatch? How can you buy a band cost-effectively? In this post, you will learn different types of watch bands and ways to get them at the lowest price.

First things first, although Apple also designs straps and bands for its smartwatch, they are expensive pieces. For example, an Apple Watch sport loop can cost at least $49. Also, official products come with a limited number of colour choices. At a reputed third-party supplier, buyers can have the same quality with more colour options at a price as low and AUD $39. Click the link to buy seiko watches that are original and legit.

Types of Trendy Apple Watch Bands

Classic Leather Buckle

For the admirers of classic leather, a classic leather buckle in a new form can be an ideal product to buy at a third-party store. A quality piece is made of calf leather and features interior lining and exterior leather grain to provide a two-tone look. Also, there is a beautiful buckle to create a minimalistic vibe.

An official leather band can cost around $489. However, one can buy a classic leather buckle at just AUD $59 at a reliable third-party supplier.

Sport Band

Those who wear their smartwatch for hours daily should go with a sport band for Apple Watch. Made of custom-developed silicone, it is created to suit daily activities. The band is a durable accessory that is lightweight and stylish. Also, it feels good on the skin.

A sport band at Apple Store can cost $49, while it can be purchased at AUD $19 at a third-party store. Apart from that, a good online shop will offer plenty of colour options.

Sport Loop

If someone is looking for a smartwatch band with a comfortable fit and ease of application, a sport loop Apple Watch band is the right product to invest in. It is a soft, breathable, and stylish accessory that provides the wearer with a perfect fit. A high-quality sport loop becomes a perfect companion that enables the owner to wear the watch for several hours daily.

At a reliable third-party store, a sport loop band can cost only AUD $39.

Milanese Loop

Apple Watch owners who wish to add a versatile fashion statement to their smartwatch can buy a Milanese loop band. Its stainless steel mesh wraps adjust perfectly around the wrist and put the wearer at the forefront of fashion.

Compared to Apple’s stainless steel band that costs $99, a Milanese Loop at a reliable third-party supplier can be purchased at only AUD $49.

Modern Buckle

Modern smartwatch owners who love buckle but with a new-world touch can get a modern buckle for their Apple Watch. A high-quality piece is made of smooth top-grain leather. Its refined texture and an inner layer of Vectran weave make it a beautiful accessory. In the form of a buckle, the product has a two-piece magnetic closure, which is easy to secure.

At a good third-party supplier, a modern buckle can cost only AUD $79.

In the End

Whether buying an Apple Watch nylon band or a classic leather buckle, it is necessary to ensure that the piece is made of high-quality material. Also, buyers should get an Apple Watch loop band in a colour that suits their style. A quality band improves a watch’s appearance and usage.